the Balm Instain Powder Blush for Summer 2013

the Balm Instain Blush

the Balm Instain Powder Blush is a brand new staining powder blush that will be launching on Monday WITH the new site so that means 50% Off!

You KNOW how I feel about the Balm’s blushes! Hot Mama, Cabana Boy, Frat Boy, these are all HG (holy grail) for me so the fact they introducing six new blushes, well, I’m more than a little excited.

the Balm Instain ($22) is a long wearing, staining powder blush that offers the benefits of a long wearing stain in a powder formula!


  • Argyle (petal pink)
  • Pinstripe (plum)
  • Swiss Dot (peach)
  • Toile (strawberry)
  • Houndstooth (mauve)
  • Lace (bright pink)

I don’t have an exact launch date but they’ll be available at shortly.

Dontcha just want ALL of ’em?

  • 3/28/13 20:34 charleen:

    I need these in my life, not want, NEED! Where is this sale you’re talking about, hautelook or their website and how much? Thanks for sharing!


    • 3/28/13 20:35 the Muse:
      • 3/30/13 15:52 Linda:

        As always, thanks for the heads up Muse, nearly fell out of my chair here, trying to calm down and resist the urge to buy them all– I think maybe, just maybe I can control myself and just get argyle and swiss dot, these are so pretty.

        Now I just need to decide between Meet Matt Nude and Balm Jovi…

        Thanks for keeping us in the know!


        • 4/1/13 11:06 the Muse:

          my pleasure linda :) Balm Jovi balm jovi ;-D def worth getting!


  • 3/28/13 20:37 Beauty and the Scientist:

    They are all so pretty and my blush obsession continues :)


  • 3/28/13 20:38 Chelsea:

    My cheeks seem to just eat blush, so I have none on by the end of the day, I’m intrigued by these!


  • 3/28/13 20:52 beautybabbling:

    I want them! The sale is also extremely tempting…I don’t know that I’ll be able to resist. :-)


  • 3/28/13 20:54 lim:

    Do you know if these blushes will be available by the time of the 50% sale? If so then I’m getting 4! They look sooo pretty and only $22 so its on the low end of blush prices, so I’m super excited!! :DD


    • 3/28/13 20:57 the Muse:

      not sure lim :( mentioned that in this post. Sorry :( I know they are launching soon but can’t confirm if that will be Monday or not.


  • 3/28/13 21:03 Cristi:

    I need these! Gonna be hard to choose. :3


  • 3/28/13 21:04 Somayea:

    I NEED these. For some reason. NO BLUSH EVER STAYS ON MY CHEEKS. it’s so annoying. I have oily skin and even if I use powder blush, it fades :/
    *adds to birthday list*


  • 3/28/13 21:08 Xero:

    Instain…that just reminds me of this:


  • 3/28/13 21:16 the Muse:

    just to confirm everyone the post has been updated as I got confirmation from the Balm that the new blushes will be available on Monday for the SALE!!!!!!!!!!


  • 3/28/13 21:19 AisforAmy:

    oh no.. well, there goes my resolve to start buying less makeup 😉


  • 3/28/13 21:21 Icequeen81:

    love the plum one


  • 3/28/13 21:44 Lulle:

    Woohoo! Those blushes just made it to the top of my wishlist!
    I can’t wait to see theBalm’s new website, the old one is not very user friendly…


  • 3/28/13 21:51 nnabeela:

    I can’t wait for monday!


  • 3/28/13 22:26 Avalith:

    Pretty amazing since their existing blush is pretty long-lasting in my book for a powder blush. I have 2 of their regular blushes (FratBoy and DownBoy) and I NEED at least ONE of these! I am so excited! I can’t wait for your reviews and swatches 😀


  • 3/28/13 23:24 Stephanie:

    I want these! I wish they’ll be available in my country. D;


    • 3/29/13 5:03 Jenn Taylor:

      Hi Stephanie,

      I am sure these blushes can be bought at the country that you are living in since they are available online. :)



  • 3/29/13 1:08 Alli:

    Wow I am buying all of these in April 1st. Every item I have from the Balm I have loved so I know I don’t need to wait for a review to get these. I’m so excited!!


  • 3/29/13 3:32 Shadia:

    Oh, man! Please let us know how these compare to IT Cosmetics’s Vitality Cheek Stains! I love me some ‘o those, but if these are comparable or better, I just might explode!


    • 3/29/13 9:46 the Muse:

      will do chica ;D


  • 3/29/13 4:09 Alex:

    Are they permanent? 😀


    • 3/29/13 9:16 the Muse:

      yes :)


  • 3/29/13 9:37 Kailey:

    These look awesome! I also love how the packaging looks like little magazines! They’re packing is always so cute.


  • 3/29/13 11:25 Ruth:

    come to me!you pretties are needed in my life!


  • 3/29/13 12:03 Heather N King:

    I love the packaging! I must have them all! :)


  • 3/29/13 12:16 Bethany:

    So much for cutting back on make-up purchases. I have no will power when it comes to #1 – theBalm #2 – cheek stains #3 – a sale !!!!!


  • 3/29/13 12:20 Abryda:

    I want all of them!!!! theBalm products have never failed me at all I love each and every item I have purchased from this line which I have just about everything with the exception of some lippies & nailpolishes so I know these will be just AWESOME!!! Not to mention I am a blush hoarder, I can’t wait so excited..


  • 3/29/13 16:39 Cat G:

    What can I do to make sure the things I want won’t be sold out!!!


  • 3/29/13 23:41 Jenny:

    I wonder if these blushes are matte because I want to get some matte blushes…


  • 3/30/13 10:29 Erika:

    Hi Muse, which do you think of these blushes is most similar to Cabana Boy and Frat Boy. I have both and I don’t wanna buy dupes. Thanks!!


    • 4/1/13 11:05 the Muse:

      couldn’t say I don’t have these blushes yet erika.


  • 3/30/13 13:34 Courtney:

    50% off and a new cheek stain? I’m a goner.


  • 3/31/13 0:26 Olivia:

    Very interesting concept!


  • 3/31/13 4:37 jessi:

    hi, can someone tell me if the blush are matte or have shimmer in it?thank you


  • 3/31/13 20:59 Simone:

    With the popularity of theBalms blushes in the past, I’ve always wondered when they were gonna come out with new shades! Pretty exciting!

    I still need Frat Boy first!!


  • 4/1/13 9:17 Charisma:

    I can’t wait to get a hold of this! Love your blogs! You’re such an inspiration.


    • 4/1/13 10:16 the Muse:

      aw thanks so much <3!


  • 4/1/13 12:58 Julia:

    Do you know anything about when their site will be back up I waited all night and really want 3 things before they sell out


    • 4/1/13 13:04 the Muse:

      i don’t julia…as soon as it is up I’ll post again but they didn’t share an exact time with me of when the new site would be up.


  • 4/1/13 18:11 Janelle:

    I am depressed….the site is not working I need blush too!


  • 4/2/13 21:23 Darlene:

    I’m actually becoming stressed out about the sale.
    lol shopoholic much? I just hope things don’t get sold out too fast!


  • 4/6/13 18:57 jcbg:

    I received my package from theBalm today… The Instain blush in Lace is B-R-I-G-H-T! Lol. I hope everyone that’s been patiently waiting to order will be able to do so soon! :)


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