YOU NEED Universal Voodoo Tarts

Universal Voodoo Tarts

I believe I introduced you to the wizardry that is Universal Voodoo Tarts in prior post somewhere. If you’re a fan of tarts you seriously, need to check Tod’s stuff out!

The man is a tart genius. His blends are orgasmic. Swear to Christ on a Pogo Stick.

How this man blends such intricate tart blends boggles my mind. Pure genius.

I discovered Tod’s tarts several years ago when he was still Alternate Breeding. I fell in love with his blend Honey Roast at the time. Last year I brought out his stock of the blend when he had a sale (believe it was last year?). I dunno why but the blend hasn’t been available for a while now much to my dismay. It’s heart wrenching not having access to this amazing scent!

Warmed honey, hazelnut, butterscotch, sweet cream, and espresso beans…! Amazing! Orgasmic I tell you! It’s like walking into Starbucks when you’re melting one of these but that Starbucks is located on Mount Olympus and their brewing the nectar of the Gods.

Well…anyway I’m telling you all this good stuff because recently Honey Roast came back along with two new blends available exclusively at the Soap Box Company. I quickly hauled ass over there to pick them up!

Take a peek!

Soap Box Company has a new owner and they recently started carrying Universal Voodoo. The great part about it is they have three exclusive tart blends that Tod makes available from them only.

Those blends are:

Honey Roast
Warmed honey, hazelnut, butterscotch, sweet cream, and espresso beans.

Universal Voodoo Tarts Honey Roast

Creamy Caresses
Coconut Milk, vanilla beans, bananas, warm caramel, and white chocolate.

Universal Voodoo Tarts Creamy Caresses


Rising Cake, Buttery Pastries, Sugared Spices, Dark Chocolate, and Orange Cream Angtaise

Universal Voodoo Tarts Patisserie

The thing about Tod is he does a lot of earthy blends I’m not typically keen on. Come Fall he has a crop up of more blends I tend to like which creamy pumpkin notes and foody elements. However, his master blends aren’t really my style….gorgeous ALL of them but not something I’m keen on burning since I like foody tarts.

All three of these exclusive scents are EXACTLY the type of scents I like. They are amazing! The incredible part about his tarts is you can smell each note distinctively as you burn and the throw is amazing with a linger that lasts for days after the burn.

If you’re a tart person I BEG you don’t miss this!

VERY Muse Approved.

They are available now at



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by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 3/7/13 11:54 Cj:

    I’ve never used a tart before, are they nice? Like do they have a longer scent time than candles or anything


    • 3/7/13 12:02 the Muse:

      stronger in my experience cj ;-D I must convert you to tarts ;-D try them!!!!!!!!!!


      • 3/7/13 12:08 Cj:

        I have to get like a warmer right? Rec me one pl0x <3


        • 3/7/13 12:14 the Muse:

          send me your address? I’ll send you tarts/warmer to try ;-D you’ll never go back to candles once you tried tarts ;D!


          • 3/7/13 12:40 Cj:

            Oh no you don’t have to, shipping would prolly be expensive and you need to save up for all the things I make you lemm 😛

          • 3/7/13 12:46 the Muse:

            lol! ;-D not at all, flat rate box is totes affordable..believe me I have so many tarts I can keep you and me in stock for the next twenty years! e-mail! I’d be happy to send!

  • 3/7/13 12:14 Rebecca:

    These tarts sound so nice! I don’t have a scentsy or anything to melt down the wax though ): Is there an alternative way to melt them down?


    • 3/7/13 12:17 the Muse:

      you need a tart warmer to melt them down Rebecca. Yankee Candle sells warmers :)


    • 3/8/13 11:23 Christi:

      U can get cheap but quitepretty wax warmers at Walmart, Kmart, or really simple ones at the dollar store.


      • 3/8/13 11:25 the Muse:

        I wouldn’t recommend the dollar store ones, I’ve had friends who practically burned down their houses with those hehe or gotten wax all over the place because they the wells aren’t large enough to hold a normal size tart.


  • 3/7/13 12:27 carrie:

    If you’re cheap you can rig up a double burner for wax tarts on the stove…just make sure the bowl for the wax doesn’t get used for food! 😉


    • 3/7/13 13:02 Angel:

      I am cheap LOL! Thanks for the great idea Carrie, never thought of that.


      • 3/7/13 13:32 carrie:

        No prob! I’m cheap too! Lol


  • 3/7/13 13:10 kate:

    I bought a wax warmer at Costco a year ago and gave it away because the wax seemed to last forever and I wanted to change up the scents, and the dish didn’t sit on top of the warmer straight and it drove my ocd crazy.

    Do you get just a regular tart warmer? Like does it say on the box if something is good for warming tarts?

    Also, do you burn seasonal fragrances, or is it just me? All three of these tarts sound awesome, but there woudl be something I would burn in Fall. Right now I’m jonesing for some lighter scents since the days are getting longer!


    • 3/7/13 13:14 the Muse:

      the wax has to be removed :) after it hardens you slip it into the freezer, wait several minutes, and it’ll pop out so you can pop in a new tart :) I have a ton of them from Yankee Candle, I kinda collect tart warmers. I burn seasonal :) def! beachy scents in the Summer, pumpkin ones in the Fall, peppermint in the Winter, etc…! ;-D I’m cool with burning these now as it’s still warm out and they give off a warm, comforting scent ;-D


      • 3/8/13 11:20 Christi:

        That’s odd, U can usually get a few uses out of the wax before the scent goes away, I never throw it away after it hardens. I always use 2 cubes at a time, and light & re light them about 3 times for several hours each time. I use the cheapie Better Homes & Gardens ones too!


        • 3/8/13 11:21 Christi:

          I meant I don’t throw it away right after it hardens the first time


          • 3/8/13 11:23 the Muse:

            i typically burn for a few hours and toss it for a new one as the smell isn’t nearly as strong the second/third burn.

  • 3/7/13 18:22 Carrie:

    will definitely check out! I am obsessed with tarts and always on the lookout for new ones :)


  • 3/8/13 11:07 kimkats:

    PBI, but tart ‘ho here. You can get nice tart warmers at Hobby Lobby, from scentscationals, and if you use the weekly 40% off coupon from HL, they are like $13 each. PLUS – wally world actually has some really nice ones from Better Homes & Gardens too! Ihave like 3 of those (hangs head in shame)those are around the $15 mark I believe, maybe even less.


  • 3/8/13 11:15 Christi:

    I’m a tart freak! I burn them every day all over my house! Nothing will make ur home smell better faster than wax tarts! I also only really love the goody scents. I buy the $2 ones from Walmart that are actually quite good. I bet these are amazing!! I def have to check them out!


  • 3/21/13 23:57 Deb:

    Yay for tart love! Sorry for a late comment. But I was busy & grouchy when this posted. I bookmarked it & came back when it was time to tart shop! Thanks for the recommendation.I’ve only used Yankee, & I wonder how the throw & linger compares to others. Thanks again, you rock! BTW not sure if true but I heard Yankee is having $1 tarts starting Saturday.


    • 3/22/13 15:47 the Muse:

      hey deb I have those days 😀 hugs! 😀 Thanks for the reminder must pick some goodies up (yes, they are 1 dollar this weekend) ;-D I wanna try the new summer/spring scents! these have a far STRONGER linger and throw than yankee 😀 they are amazing! and very complex! 😀


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