Bare Minerals Feel the Love QVC Today’s Special Value

Bare Minerals Feel the Love

The Bare Minerals Feel the Love 7 Piece Collection will be the QVC Today’s Special Value for April and is available for purchase now as a little sneak peek!

This is an auto delivery set so you can lock in the saving and get additional shipments of the set with new seasonal colors.

Take a peek!

Tune in this Saturday to watch the Bare Minerals Feel the Love Collection on QVC or go ahead and purchase now at

  • Bare Minerals Ready Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 (choice of shade)
  • Bare Minerals Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20
  • Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener
  • Bare Minerals Ready Blush and Luminizer in The Love Letter (warm mauve) and The Daydream (pink champagne)
  • Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Starlet (rose-petal pink)
  • Bare Minerals 2-in-1 Face and Concealer Brush
  • Bare Minerals 2-in-1 Cheek and Eye Brush

These are all full size products and a great way to experience some of Bare Minerals newest offers like their Stroke of Light Eye Brightener!

The set is $69.96 and available now at

Will you be indulging?

  • 4/19/13 12:48 Dee:

    If the bare minerals loose powder makes one itch will the “ready” formulas be itchy as well? I loved the look of their mineral foundation but just couldn’t wear it. Wonder if this would be the same?


    • 4/19/13 18:20 Teasha:

      Hmm I wonder if you are having the same issue I have with the newer formulation of the original foundation? The original foundation contains a common ingredient people react to, a known irritant to SOME people, not ALL people. This ingredient can cause an itchy face, redness, later may cause breakouts, other irritations. If you have the same issue I have (and MANY others), it is only in the original formula, the READY and loose MATTE foundations do not contain the ingredient, and if you liked how the original looked but couldn’t stand the itching or almost tingling/prickly, its worth another try with a new formula. The ingredient in the original is, bismuth oxichloride. Surprisingly it is in a lot of face products. I hear A LOT of women say they like the way the original looks and they use it despite the itchy face, but Im hear to say if your face is itchy, you are irritating your skin and that is bad. If you tried the matte loose foundation and had an itchy face, then I would not recommend trying any of the other foundations in the line. I suspect you tried the original loose powder, because it is a common issue with that one.


    • 4/19/13 19:37 Sue:

      I’ve used both and this causes some itching. I don’t itch as much with the Ready as with the loose. My skin isn’t very sensitive and the only time BE causes me to itch is when I apply more than normal.


  • 4/19/13 14:27 Penny:

    Dee….The loose minerals make me itch unbearably also, but I wear the Ready daily with no problems what so ever. LOVE the Ready foundation!


  • 4/19/13 18:21 Teasha:

    I can’t wait to see future shipments.


  • 4/21/13 0:43 CJ:

    I recently purchased the ready foundation in Feb but I caved and ordered this kit. I’m looking forward to the blush, moxie, and all of the brushes. I tried bisque before and was not a fan so let’s see if it works better this time.


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