Bare Minerals Plush Beach Blush Review & Swatches

Bare Minerals Blush Plush Beach

Good morning sunshine! Today I’m wearing Bare Minerals Blush in Plush Peach that was launched with the Beautifully Brilliant To the Nines Collection. This is the second auto delivery shipments from the Bare Minerals Beautifully Brilliant Collection that launched from QVC several weeks ago.

You can’t technically purchase this shade yet however, if you did sign up for auto ship that means you’re getting it or already have it in your greedy hands.

I thought I’d review it today because I know some of you tend to stalk Evil-bay for these shades versus purchasing the entire kit as sellers do buy the sets, break them up, and sell the individual pieces.

I’m unsure when Bare Minerals will launch the shade but at some point they will probably re-release it or add it to the general catalog of blushes just not at this particular time so unfortunately Evil-bay it is if you like and want this shade.

Take a peek!

I’d like to say that the original sticker tag closure on the blushes and eyeshadows drove me nuts. I could never get a handle on it and couldn’t peel it back. But I’d like to say that I’m even MORE irritated by the plastic pull that now cover the sifter holes. You have to snap this off to basically get the powder following and it proves bloody impossible at times.

Ok, rant over.

Just wanted to share.

This is BE’s typical loose powder blush formula. I typically love these blushes as they are silky, smooth, apply so easily, and typically apply sheer yet build easily. I’m heavy handed as we all know so I’m always thrilled with BE’s easy to build formula. It can be applied sheer, bold, heavy handed, or light and still look perfect every single time.

Bare Minerals Plush Beach Blush

Bare Minerals Plush Beach Blush Swatches

Plush Peach is the perfect warm shade of peach with orange elements. This applies on my cheeks with a healthy touch of both peach and orange for a warm, glowing finish. It’s really quite a lovely shade and applies flawlessly. I love how easily BE blushes apply to the point they look like a natural flush versus an actual powder blush. This could be because they have such a smooth finish that doesn’t cling to flaky areas or accentuate large pores.

Bare Minerals Plush Beach Blush FOTD


If you’re looking for a warm shade of peach to add to your stash Plush Peach is gorgeous.

Did you receive your To the Nines Set yet?

What did you think of Plush Peach?

Do share!


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 4/10/13 10:20 Barb:

    ooooooo love it.. so pretty! and oooooohhhhhhh hate those pull tabs too… I break a nail every time booooohoooooo


    • 4/10/13 10:37 the Muse:

      UGH I can’t even squeeze my fingers in to get at it!


    • 4/10/13 14:19 Sue:

      I use pliers. Its still hard to pull off even with pliers but it does work.


      • 4/10/13 14:38 the Muse:

        oh good tip sue thanks!


    • 4/30/13 7:59 Kathy A:

      I hate the CLG tabs, too, but I have to admit, for the items I keep in makeup bags in my day-to-day makeup stash in the master (as opposed to the bulk of my collection, which is in two Lowe’s chests in the second bath), the locking mechanism itself comes in handy, keeping the product under the sifter instead of collecting on top of it (or worse yet, leaking out).

      I had one problem with a jar of Summer Bisque (my winter concealer — I use Honey in the summer because I get so tan from working in the garden and reading by the pool) — I pulled the tab, and the entire top part of the locking mechanism popped off.

      And one thing I’ve noticed lately — you don’t even have to open the sifter to get the minerals out. Just tap the side of the jar on the side of your swirly bowl (of you use one — I use a small Corelle bowl about four inches in diameter that I found in Wal-mart) and the minerals will come out with the locking mechanism closed).


  • 4/10/13 10:24 Ash:

    Oooohhh! Very pretty! I would not mind another peach blush in my collection. 😉

    Muse, I was wondering if you could reccomend a good BB cream for oily skin?


    • 4/10/13 10:37 the Muse:

      I’m not really sure ash, my skin is dry so I typically shop dry skin formulas. Good news is someone is bound to reply and rec something 😀 I have great readers hehe!


    • 4/11/13 12:35 Trillium:

      My skin is pretty oily and I like both Missha’s Signature and Perfect Cover formulas. The Signature is a little “drier” than the PC. I wouldn’t say they are oil controlling, but they definitely don’t add to my oiliness at all. I prefer the Sig but I like them both a lot. HTH!


  • 4/10/13 11:01 Xero:

    What lipstick are you wearing here? It’s so pretty~!


    • 4/10/13 12:46 the Muse:

      oh thanks! flower beauty lip butter in cherry chiffon!


  • 4/10/13 19:31 Jeri:

    Off subject, do you wear your hair down?


    • 4/10/13 19:40 the Muse:

      yup i wear my hair down.


  • 4/11/13 0:18 blueraccoon:

    I hate how slow QVC shipping is! Mine’s not scheduled to arrive until next Tuesday. *sulks* I’m too spoiled by 3-day shipping from Sephora, lol. This looks awesome and I can’t wait to try it.


    • 4/11/13 9:57 the Muse:

      awww hope it gets to you soon!


  • 4/11/13 3:59 Katie T.:

    Oh damn girl, you are rocking that lipcolor.


    • 4/11/13 9:11 the Muse:

      thanks katie :)


  • 4/11/13 14:29 Winni:

    Got mine yesterday! I love it!! I really like the deep navy liner. So happy I signed up for auto delivery!!!


  • 4/11/13 18:17 Cat G:



  • 4/14/13 9:51 Jamie:

    Hey, I just wanted to let those of you that have a hard time getting the tab off of the top, that all I do is twist the top and it pops right off.


    • 4/16/13 10:27 the Muse:

      well duh! thanks jamie that’s the best tip EVER ;-D!


  • 1/10/14 0:29 Wendy:

    Hello! I know you have a picture and all, but I’m curious as to how much shimmer is in this. I see some in the picture but I’m a bit paranoid aha.


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