Bodycology Bahama Berry Fragrance Mist Review

Bodycology Bahama Berry Fragrance Mist

Bodycology Bahama Berry Fragrance Mist is one of three new tropical scents that Bodycology has introduced for Summer/Spring 2013. I’m loving this at the moment as they are such a cheap thrill at $3.97 each.

I’ve been slowing reviewing the scents and so far I really liked what I tried. Bahama Berry is the last of the line and I have to say I was a little heart broken as I was all about these this month and hated to see the end of reviewing ’em!

Take a look!

I could be nuts but for under four bucks I’m kinda amazed at how complex these mists turned out to be! Plus the formula seems to really like my body chemistry so I get a longer linger and nicer throw than I do with Bath & Body Works mists.

Bahama Berry is the fruitiest fragrance of the three bursting with ripe berries and, uh oh, pink sugar. I’m not keen on Pink Sugar, gasp, did I just say that? I possibly sinned against womankind for even daring to go there. But Pink Sugar and I don’t go together. However, fruitier notes of granny smith apple, sweet plum, and just a hint of vanilla make this scent totally do-able. The vanilla keeps the sweeter notes mellow and creamy so you’re getting just the right levels of warmth with your sweet!


You can think of it as Pink Sugar on fruity steroids.


Layer up with the body cream for all day wear!

It’s available now at Walmart and

Get cheap thrill for your Summer fragrance wardrobe.


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  • 4/3/13 18:13 Blee:

    That was a great review, Muse, thanks :0 This sounds like it would be the perfect scent for me. I love all the notes you listed. Ill be picking this one up.


    • 4/16/13 16:39 the Muse:

      aw thanks blee glad you thought so!


  • 4/10/13 18:21 Miss D:

    I must say that all of these sound really good, and I’m not surprised by it either. I’ve been using their Gardenia and Cherry Blossom scents for about three years now, and they’re some of the only scents I ever get complimented about- yup, a cheap $4 scent and people always tell me, “Oh! You smell so nice!”, so Bodycology is good stuff. :)


    • 4/11/13 9:58 the Muse:

      gotta admit they actually last longer on me than freaking BBW! and the smells are a bit more complex sometimes! and cheap ;-D


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