E.L.F. Studio Acne Fighting Foundation for Summer 2013

E.L.F. Studio Acne Fighting Foundation

Say what’s up to the new E.L.F. Studio Acne Fighting Foundation ($6). Dude, when I first saw it I thought it would be some sort of dupe for Shiseido Refining Foundation, ya know, I thought I’d start getting those “it’s better than…” e-mails from E.L.F. about it. But it isn’t…


It is however, a lightweight foundation that has acne fighting benefits such as Salicylic Acid, Witch Hazel, Camphor, Tea Tree and soothing Aloe.

It’s available in six shades.

Whatcha think?

  • 4/17/13 17:36 Somayea:

    I wanted to order it but not sure about the shade selection. It seems to run dark, the porcelain seems beige. :/


  • 4/17/13 18:39 Mango:

    Sounds like a Clinique acne solutions foundation dupe


  • 4/17/13 21:56 Tigress:

    I’m intrigued, I’ll have to pick it up next time I’m at Target.


  • 4/18/13 2:55 Fuu:

    Pft. No way an ELF product could be a dupe of my HG Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation.
    PS-patting on SKIN79 The Oriental BB Cream on top gives extra moisture and coverage. No concealer necessary!


  • 4/18/13 10:49 Amanda Elisabeth:

    That’s one thing that gets on my nerves about ELF. I love their stuff and all, but there’s no way their stuff is going to compare perfectly to really high end stuff.

    They once said their $1 tinted moisturizer was the same/better to the Laura Mercier one….yeah, no.


    • 4/18/13 11:24 the Muse:

      LOL Amanda yeah and all their emails about nars versus elf…UM NO you aren’t nars ;-D


  • 4/18/13 12:00 K.B.:

    I’m interested in a general “I’m interested in any product that claims to fight acne and/or mattify, but I’m such a snob when it comes to foundation. $6 is more of a waste of money for me than a $35-60 bottle because I’ll return the high end brand. I’ll just throw away the $6 bottle. I expect this to be orangey and cakey.


  • 4/18/13 13:34 Cindy Ramirez:

    Hey this is worth a shot! Its cheap enough to be my summer foundation for now. I’d rather wear this for 6 bucks then sweat off my Kat Von D or Naked Skin.


  • 4/18/13 17:11 Shelly:

    Foundation is NOT skincare. Never has been, never will be. This may have acne-fighting benefits, but it will never take the place of a good skincare routine.

    Beyond that, though, I’m very fair, and neither this, nor their other foundation, nor their TM, go light enough for me. (Most drugstore/lower-end ones don’t.)


  • 4/22/13 20:29 Bree:

    What shade did u get?
    How was the coverage?
    Lasting power?
    Need more info on foundation!!!!


    • 4/22/13 20:31 the Muse:

      didn’t get it bree haven’t tried it. i don’t have issues with acne so no reason to try a formula like this.


      • 4/22/13 23:20 Bree:

        Oh im sorry! I thought you had tried it because you said that it was light weight, so I thought that meant you tried it on your skin and it was light. Sorry!!!


        • 4/23/13 9:18 the Muse:

          they claim it is a lightweight formula. anything I review or tried I typically put “review” in the post title. Hope this helps!


  • 7/30/13 23:48 Anne:

    I stumbled upon this while rereading reviews for this, so I thought I’d follow up and add my 2 cents. :)

    I just got this foundation in Porcelain. I am 100% East Asian, so my skin is all sorts of chaos–oily, acne-prone, and sensitive. To add another layer (no pun intended) of slight chaos, my yellow undertones have rendered my foundation search even more frustrating. Matching them without looking like an oompa loompa has been difficult. Because of this obnoxious search, (and thinking “c’mon its $6, and I got it for $3 because of the 2387085 coupons they email out”) I had pretty low expectations.

    BUT its not bad, actually! I usually use Maybelline’s FitMe liquid foundation in 220. Up until this point, it was the closest thing I could match that also didn’t cost my first born. The yellow undertone match me surprisingly well. It is summer now so the shade is a tad too light, but if I mix it with my darker Maybelline liquid, then it is fine. I think the coverage is more medium than light; the consistency is definitely thicker than the FitMe liquid’s consistency. I haven’t worn it long enough to speak about how well it wears, and affects my skin. By my initial impressions, I expect with some primer, and a good skin care regime, it could perform decently (though naturally, not comparable to a $40+ product). I am definitely interested to see how this product works out for me. (Could this be the end of my epic foundation search?? I hope so!)

    I will point out of that if you don’t have yellow undertones, I can’t really speak to how well this particular shade will work out for you. :\

    all the best! :)


  • 9/25/13 13:05 MischievousCuteness:

    So ladies, I’ve been using this for days when I go to work and don’t want to cough up the good stuff, like my MAC and Bare Minerals. I work in a daycare, but I still need some coverage. I’ve been using this and I really do am starting to love it. I don’t really have problematic skin..just redness to cover up. This foundation fits the bill for me. The lasting power on it’s own is not too long, so I usually set this with MAC studio Fix powder. Leaves me matte all day until I’m ready to take off. I’d say for 6 dollars its a little above an average foundation. I love the thick consistency and full coverage it gives.


    • 9/25/13 13:50 the Muse:

      thanks for sharing!!!!!!! :)


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