Happy 15th Birthday Too Faced!

Happy Birthday Too Faced

My dog, Too Faced’s biggest fan, looking horribly tortured in this photo right? I had a little pink frosted cupcake in front of him during our photo shoot but he kept licking the frosting so I had to remove it!

Happy Birthday Too Faced! I can’t believe you’re 15 years old! You’re not quite an adult yet and still have plenty of time to get away with all the mischief you can in your teen years!

Do you remember when you first discovered Too Faced? Have you been with them the entire 15 years? What are some of your favorite makeup pieces from Too Faced?

I think my very first memories of Too Faced were their wonderful buttery eyeshadows. They had such a soft, velvety texture. Their First Base Primer was another fond favorite of mine as I recall.

As for all time favorite product?

Without a doubt their Mirror Mirror Gloss. I swear it changed my lipgloss life! I’ve never ever met a better lipgloss product with such a gorgeous mirror-like finish. I rave it to anyone and everyone who will listen.

I can’t believe it’s been 15 years of beautiful makeup with Too Faced! Here’s to another 15! Happy Birthday Too Faced!

Share in the Birthday Celebration by wishing Too Faced a Happy Birthday on Twitter using hashtag #TooFacedBirthday or put on your party hat and Instagram them a photo using the same Hashtag! I’m sure it’ll make their b-day extra special!

  • 4/23/13 10:55 Peggy:

    Happy Birthday Too Faced! I spent a whole lot of time collecting all of the Quickie Chronicles and still love to take them out and read the covers and use the awesome maekup, they will always be my fav! How about a special edition for the 15th birthday?!


    • 4/23/13 10:57 the Muse:

      oh peggy gosh that brought me back! I spent a ton of time collecting those too 😀


  • 4/23/13 11:06 K.B.:

    Funny, your dog and I have the same reaction to birthdays. lol

    Oh, and I only discovered Too Faced a couple of years ago. I’ve only purchased the Natural Eye palette and the Shadow Insurance, although I’ve had my eye on the Lip Cremes and the Natural at Night palette for a while now. I’ve grounded myself from purchasing makeup until the fall collections come out (I’m torn between hoping the upcoming MAC summer collections are crap and hoping they’re AWESOME lol) because I’ve been so bad over the past few months.


    • 4/23/13 12:49 the Muse:

      lol OH GODZ bday! 😀 hehe! I love the Natural Eye Palette as well 😀 Lip Cremes totally changed my mind about cream lipsticks 😀 ugh makeup and yay for makeup 😀


  • 4/23/13 11:58 The Beauty Alchemist:

    Awww, your pup is sooo cute. And of course he kept licking the frosting . Can’t ignore a cupcake, it’s against the law :)


    • 4/23/13 12:44 the Muse:

      hehe thanks! he could not resist sitting there with his tongue stuck in the cupcake. I’m LUCKY I got this shot lol!


  • 4/23/13 14:31 Cindy Ramirez:

    LULZ. zomg. Your dog is beyond adorable!


    • 4/23/13 14:34 the Muse:

      hehe thanks ;-D


  • 4/23/13 21:15 Hillarie:

    I’m only 20/almost 21 and only started wearing makeup 5 years ago, so sadly I’ve only really known about Too Faced for about 5 of their 15 years (and my first purchase from the brand was maybe 2 years ago). That’s still a pretty long time, though! Your dog is adorable by the way!


  • 4/23/13 22:48 LINDARRAGNAR:

    your dog looks so bewildered!! ahhaa My dog never acts right for photo shoots either! ;'(

    I really want to own more too faced items!!!! I have 2 of the eye pallets, (natural and naked )and I love them both!! I also have the too faced lip injection and it plumps so wonderfully! I know my twin liked there lipstick !!! Overall they are a really cute company with cute effective products!


    • 6/14/13 11:31 the Muse:

      lol tell me about. he’s a spaz ;-D I see people take awesome pics of their dog but mine always looks crazed haha! they have a great fall 2013 collection upcoming!


  • 4/30/13 8:24 Kathy A:

    I hope you gave the little guy a treat of his own after you snatched the cupcake away! He’s such an adorable little guy.


    • 4/30/13 9:22 the Muse:

      absolutely he’s spoiled rotten :)


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