Laura Geller Spring Into Baked Collection

Laura Geller Dreamsicle
Ohhh I do want the Laura Geller Spring Into Baked Collection but I admit I only wanted it because of hello, how are you Blush-N-Brighten in Dreamsicle!


How do I not own this? I’m betting it came in one of QVC’s Today Special Values that I quit out on!

This seven piece set contains essentials for Spring including Balance-N-Brighten Foundation (oh jebus christo I love you so much but I don’t NEED more of you BnB!).

The thing that caught my eye in the set was Dreamsicle! It looks like a gorgeous paler, pastel beach…it kinda reminds me of a Banana Split…dunno why must be the bright yellow veining!

Laura Geller Spring Into Baked Collection
You get:

  • Balance-N-Brighten Foundation (Your choice of shades)
  • Bronze-N-Brighten
  • Blush-N-Brighten in Dreamsicle
  • Baked Eyeshadow Duo in Shimmering Sands/Emerald Waters
  • I-Care Waterproof Eyeliner in Charcoal, a black shade
  • Two brushes
  • Bag

All the items are travel size editions and the set is $44.

After playing with the idea of ordering it I casually headed over to Evil-Bay and was able to nail a full size Dreamsicle for $18. Gotta admit I don’t need more BnB and didn’t love anything else in this set so I was delighted to grab Dreamsicle sans the extras.

But if you don’t own a ton of Laura Geller this is an excellent way to introduce yourself to more of the brand.

Anyone own Dreamsicle?

Tell me more please!

Available now at the Q.

  • 4/3/13 12:43 Janelle:

    I think I need this….going over to the QVC website now


    • 4/3/13 12:45 the Muse:

      was it dreamsicle? :)


  • 4/3/13 12:55 Laura:

    Areyou going to swatch and give us the low down on the dreamsicle? I bet those BnB will go for double the price on EvilBay now!


    • 4/3/13 13:01 the Muse:

      i haven’t gotten it yet, just recently ordered it on E-bay laura waiting for it to arrive :)


  • 4/3/13 13:06 diane:

    i have dreamsicle and its one of my favorites by her! the yellow pigments is supposed to help counteract any redness and discoloration in the cheeks..its very pretty lighter pink and oh so beautiful just to stare at. I kind of collect laura’s blushes because they are so darn pretty lol…enjoy it!!!


    • 4/3/13 13:09 the Muse:

      damn damn damn I wanted more peach no luck?


      • 4/3/13 19:13 diane:

        to me it looks like a warm light pink..i can sense maybe a tad of peach but it really is pretty!! do you have her baked blush in ombre peach blossom? =)


  • 4/4/13 2:41 Christi:

    If these weren’t all travel size then it might be worth the price. Once u add tax & shipping & handling, you’re looking at over $55,, which def isn’t worth it, as I’ve gotten LG TSV’s on QVC for that same price with all full size products! I agree, dreamsicle is gorgeous & I’m thinking of buying one on eBay myself now! Btw, Muse, have u tried the new √Čtude House CC Cream! There’s 2 different types, glow & silky. I want both! Lol, I’m very intrigued by them,


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