Lorac GLOgetter Palette for Summer 2013

Lorac Glogetter Palette

Lorac is slowing going with their Summer offerings by my eye spied the new Lorac GLOgetter Palette any cross feelings I had about their slow Summer 2013 launch were eased.

This gorgeous eyeshadow palette is available exclusively at Ulta and could possibly prove a must have.

Lorac GLOgetter Palette contains an eight brightly colored shades available in matte and shimmer shades plus two

Bring out the extrovert in you with these brightly-colored shades and be a fashion forward go-getter with the GLOgetter Palette from LORAC! This colorful palette features a combination of 8 vibrant matte and shimmer shadows plus 2 over-sized neutral shadows to act as the perfect base color.

Looks like the Pro but with way more vibrant shades.

Being intimately with Lorac’s eyeshadows I’m sure I won’t be disappointed by this one.

It’s available exclusively at Ulta and Ulta.com for $20.

  • 4/3/13 11:17 Agata:

    I just saw it online today and I am in love :) Beautiful summer colors, cannot wait to get it. Plus for $20 it’s a great deal.


  • 4/3/13 11:42 Jenna:

    That’s it?
    This has to be a late April Fool’s joke because if it’s that affordable I am going to cry.

    (Just a little bit in love with Lorac nbd)


  • 4/3/13 11:43 Christina:

    Only $20! Really? That’s the cost of one Extra-dimension eye shadow from MAC. What a deal! I must check this out!


  • 4/3/13 11:49 Wendy:

    Only $20?????
    Get outta here!


  • 4/3/13 11:51 amy:

    I’m curious about that shade on the far right. If it’s as red as it appears on my screen, “no-buy” be damned, this *will* be mine!


    • 4/4/13 14:18 Cindy Ramirez:

      I’m on a no-buy myself! But I think breaking my vow is completely justified for a 20 dollar Lorac palette!


    • 4/17/13 15:11 Majick:

      Amy, it’s not really red. It’s more of a pinky purple. On my screen it looks like a berry/burgundy/red but in real life its like a red violet? But sheer and buildable. It’s def not red. Hope that helps.


  • 4/3/13 12:16 Laura:

    It looks gorgeous and only for $20! Wow. Except it looks somewhat close to all of the colors in my Jasmine palette, which I totally love. Perhaps, I shall save the money and spend it on another La Creme lip color! Ha!


  • 4/3/13 12:24 Ruth:

    Ulta just sent me a 20% everything coupon, ladies check your snail mail and inboxes!


  • 4/3/13 13:34 Kimmwc03:

    Wow! This looks good especially for the price.


  • 4/7/13 23:27 sara:

    i wounder the size of it


  • 4/17/13 14:52 Majick:

    I picked it up yesterday with a F&F 20% off coupon. SCORE! lol (I’m still not convinced this is typical LORAC quality.)

    I was very excited to try this palette and did as soon as I got it. I had eye primer on from the morning but ever got around to the actual makeup. I used the color on the far right and it was not as intense as I thought it would be. It turned out to be a really pretty pinky purple.

    Maybe it’s me but I don’t think these colors are as intensly pigmented as they appear. I’ve tried both sides of the palette at this point and the looks I got were very work appropriate even though I was going for something a little more. LOL

    The colors swatched out on my arm much better than they applied to my eye. On my eye they seemed more sheer but they layered quite nicely. i.e. I put some of the dark blue over that purple and created a duochrome effect of blue/purple/pink – definitely leaves room for play.

    WHile I think I could die happy with just the mint palette (seriously that one was a WINNER) I think this is a fun CHEAP summer edition. I will continue to play becuase I think a lot of looks can be had from this one.


    • 4/17/13 16:17 the Muse:

      thanks majick! obviously a skip for me! Phew more $$ for something else 😀


      • 4/17/13 20:46 Majick:

        MMM…jury is still out. I just went through a full day with colors from the left side and a SWEATY yoga class – my eyes look great. ut oh, if you gotta F&F you can’t leave this for $16 LOL

        there was a lady on utube doing swatches. they showed up really well on everyone’s arm but I have yet to see anyone do a look with them. My eyes look better tonight than when I first did them this morning. I think LORAC colors get better with wear for some reason.

        I think I’m just used to more outlandish colors and hate to admit that I look best with the simple ones. haha I was also expecting that purple to be dark and it really wasn’t. Maybe that’s a good thing since I have a ton of darker colors.

        I was going to return it but my eyes do look really nice right now so…I have to play some more.


  • 5/6/13 1:48 yelena:

    cannot wait to play with this instore. did u ever get this muse?


    • 5/6/13 16:00 the Muse:

      I did not :( swatched it in store and was disappointed, so chalky :(


      • 5/6/13 16:30 yelena:

        oh no :( that’s sad to hear. I ordered one online last night. yikes. hopefully it works for me. I watched about 6 reviews on you tube before I decided to take the plunge. hopefully it works ok with primer for me :S


        • 5/6/13 16:32 the Muse:

          keep me posted curious how you feel!


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