Lunasol Sheer Glossy Eyes Review & Swatches

Lunasol Sheer Glossy Eyes Eyeshadow

I’m trying to recall when Lunasol launched their Sheery Glossy Eyes Eyeshadow. I believe it was Fall 2012 but feel free to correct me if not. Lunasol Sheer Glossy Eyes launched in four, limited edition shades and I’ve been sitting on one for a while now. Why I haven’t reviewed it earlier is beyond me but just recently I told myself to look through my photo archives for the pictures of it and get to reviewing it.

So here I am…

And here are my thoughts on Sheer Glossy Eyes.

Lunasol Sheer Glossy Eyes

These are 2,500 yen each which is quite costly by Japanese drugstore prices however, Lunasol is one of Kanebo’s more luxury brands. Each is a single color eye shadow in small pot which give lids a sheer wash of glossy color as per the name of the product.

It’s a very interesting product and on some levels different for Lunasol. It a pigmented shadow and although it looks like a whipped mousse or cream consistency it’s actually a powder. It has a soft, creamy texture for a powder that applies VERY easily on lids without tugging or applying patchy, etc….you can apply with your finger if you like or as I did a sponge tipped applicator.

I own the shade EX03 which is a soft brown. They name these well as the shadow provides translucent soft color that’s a very sheer wash of color on lids that gives the illusion of a glossy finish. The effect is rather beautiful especially if you like glossy eye pencils or shadows such as the one CK recently launched.

Lunasol Sheer Glossy Eyes EX03

Lunasol Sheer Glossy Eyes Swatches

On the downside even with primer the shadow tends to crease on me within a three hour period. A little patting with my finger freshens things up but I imagine on an oiler lid they might not prove very long wearing.

I got this directly from Japan at 30% Off (many drugstores offer makeup at a 30% off sale price) however, they go for far more online and I question if you really need to indulge as at this price you can get a beautiful Lunasol Eyeshadow Palette for far less!

Lunasol Sheer Glossy Eyes FOTD

Lunasol Sheer Glossy Eyes Face of the Day

You can shop them at fairly reasonable prices at (not affiliated) with a very good shipping price as well!


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  • 4/17/13 13:03 Deb:

    Hi Muse,
    I’ve been browsing the Imomoko website the last couple of days and was wondering: just off the top of your head, which of the Asian brands would you say have eyeshadow palettes without so much sparkle and shimmer? It’s a little hard to figure out on the website, they don’t give much detail.


    • 4/17/13 13:14 the Muse:

      deb most all japanese/asian cosmetics have some sort of shimmer in their formulas :) lavshuca, GASP, has some new matte shadows for Spring…unheard of! lol but yeah they a few mattes outside of that can’t really think of any without sparkle of some kind :(


      • 4/17/13 21:29 Deb:

        Thanks Muse. I don’t mind the shimmer but no can do sparkle. I’ll keep looking.


        • 4/18/13 7:07 the Muse:

          my pleasure deb. lunasol is a good brand to start with if you are ok with shimmer! :)


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