MAC Baking Beauties PearlMatte Face Powder Review & Swatches

MAC Baking Beauties PearlMatte Face Powder Spring 2013

MAC Baking Beauties PearlMatte Face Powder

The MAC Baking Beauties Collection includes two new PearlMatte Face Powders in Pink Buttercream and In for a Treat. Pearlmatte Face Powders are always quite delightful because honey, they are just stunning to look at and these new ones launched with the Baking Beauties Collection bring the pretty no doubt.

With beautiful floral imprints and embossments no one is blaming you for coveting these gorgeous powders but do you really need them?

Naa not really less you’re a hardcore MAC collector. I’m not sure when the sting of the MAC bite was cured but lately MAC fails to excite and although gorgeous these PearlMatte Face Powders left a little to be desired.

MAC Pink Buttercream Pearlmatte Face Powder ($30) is a light baby pink with darker pink flowers and periwinkle leaves. Combined the shades create a frosty almost white highlighter shade on my face. You can actually use Pearlmatte Face Powders as a highlighter or a blush but Pink Buttercream is best suited for work as a highlighter. The shade has a pearlish iridescent finish with a little bit of a frosty finish.

MAC Pink Buttercreme PearlMatte Face Powder

MAC Baking Beauties PearlMatte Face Powder Pink ButterCreme

MAC Pink Buttercreme PearlMatte Face Powder Swatches

I honestly didn’t get any color from it so it worked best as a highlighter. Considering I stink at using powder highlighters I did find this shade a challenge to use. The powder seems very dense to me so picking up color with a bushier brush was difficult. A kabuki works well but you can easily over do it with a tool like this. It does make my skin look uneven and clings to flakier areas which wasn’t exactly the nicest look in the world.

On a whole I think the powder itself is stunning but using it proves a little bit of hassle and the lack of pigment makes it a bit disappointing.

The second shade is entitled In for a Treat which has a lighter cream almost gold beige base and accents of coral and mint flower and leaves. It quite reminds me of MAC Lightscapade a little bit. This was actually even more dense a formula that Pink Buttercream so it produced a lot less highlighter and definitely would not act as a blush even on a lighter skin tone.

MAC In for a Treat PearlMatte Face Powder

MAC Baking Beauties PearlMatte Face Powder In for a Treat

MAC In for a Treat PearlMatte Face Powder Swatches

The pretty designs aren’t easily erased after a few uses which was a relief. The design is not an overspray and appears to work right down to the powder so some use won’t erase that pretty design!

I found both of these a little too frosty and shimmery for my tastes unfortunately. I won’t deny the fact they are visually beautiful but some users will question whether the formula is for them!

They will be available at MAC counters and online at shortly.

Will you be indulging?


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  • 4/9/13 17:46 Sakuranko:

    Really lovely color really soft.



  • 4/9/13 17:50 Janelle:

    NO! I don’t really “need” them. I guess I don’t really need anything expect for food and water :) However, these will make me much happier and pleasant…which one can say does make it a need…I think…yeah we will go with that :)


  • 4/9/13 19:37 koolchicken:

    I’m curious about how MAC launches work. Does have all the stock and what’s left over is then sent to counters and other retailers? Or does everyone get their own stock? I’m just curious as I don’t want to miss this one. I’m new to MAC and have been led to believe things sell out quickly.


    • 4/9/13 19:41 the Muse:

      everyone gets the same amount of product, there isn’t left over stock that goes to mac counters or retailers. Counters and MAC Boutiques are typically as stocked as the online store. isn’t where you should buy :) that’s apple’s website, it’s as far as sell outs, it really depends, some shades are more wanted/popular than others and might sell out quickly. No way of really telling what will or won’t sell out unfortunately, just depends on what ends up being popular with the beauty masses out there :)


      • 4/9/13 20:01 koolchicken:

        Thanks so much for the info! I know is for apple, lol. I just figured it was a mouthful. :) I mentioned on Temptalia that I wanted to buy from Nordstrom and others warned me against waiting, so I was worried. I live on an island so my shopping options are limited, and shipping can get really expensive (if I can even get stuff shipped!).

        I know the reviews for this have been all over the place but I actually see this working really well for me. I’m really pale, as in I used Tarte blush in Dollface and my husband said who let in the clowns. Plus it’s pretty, so I think it’s worth trying just for that. :)


        • 4/10/13 9:32 the Muse:

          from this collection I imagine the pearlmattes might sell out fast but other items…not really sure. It really depends on the collection/colors that everyone is wanting. If you know you want it, might as well indulge as soon as it launches so you def get what you want just in case it does sell out. Hope it works for you :)


        • 4/10/13 10:16 Ruth:

          @koolchicken-try using dollface with a fanbrush, it won’t pick up as much product and you can just sweep it onto your cheeks.


  • 4/10/13 12:30 ZG:



  • 4/10/13 20:45 Hoang:

    Is it bad that I want to buy this just for the pretty embossing..? It is really beautiful :-)


    • 4/11/13 9:54 the Muse:

      I can’t blame you AT all!


  • 4/10/13 21:48 Miho Mallory:

    Oh my glob these are gorgeous! I can’t decide which I want more. I’m trying to justify owning both.


  • 5/8/13 17:05 Katie:

    I’m really intrigued by these! I purchased in for a treat and I’m just waiting for it to come in! So excited to try it. I don’t normally use highlight but I thought I would give it a go! They’re too pretty to resist.


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