Maybelline Waves of White Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow  Waves of White

As you know Maybelline recently launched eight new shades of Color Tattoo Eyeshadow for Summer 2013. Waves of White is one of those Color Tattoos and should prove interesting due to its duochrome effect.

Let’s take a look!

I’ve been slowing reviewing each of these new shades individually because I find that when it comes to Color Tattoos the formula is far from consistent. This is particularly the case with these new shades as they are far different from the original formula.

Waves of White, like many of the Summer shades, has a very slippery texture and far less creaminess and density than the original formula. I find the slipperiness is challenging to apply because as you apply it tends to slide around the lid in a patchy layer. You can pat the color gently onto your lid for the best results but I find this results in creasing. Needless to say these need a bit more tack to keep them in place versus the slippery, emollient texture. I think they’ll prove rather awful for those with oily lids.

Waves of White is a shade I can’t personally use unless I use it as a base for another shade. The shade just isn’t flattering with my skin tone. It might prove a better shade for those with blue eyes perhaps and blond hair!? The shade is a pure white but has a brilliant duochrome effect that quite reminds me of the inside of a seashell. It reflects blue and lavender once applied but never truly white. It has an iridescent finish and the color changing effect of the shade is rather brilliant. It’ll make a very nice, natural color wash but it’s a difficult color to pull off so you have to be a little creative.

Maybelline Waves of White Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

Maybelline Waves of White Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Swatches

Unfortunately, so far, the Color Tattoo Eyeshadows from the Summer 2013 Collection aren’t very thrilling. I dislike the formula on most of them and find the shades are quite challenging to wear (either that or I lack creativity for creating looks using them).

Anyone own Waves of White?

Do share!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  • 4/29/13 10:20 Jacquelyn:

    I’ve heard that this looks very cool over a black base (shadow or cream, unsure)!

    These have been hard to find for a lot of people due to the hype around them… Have you ever considered selling shades that you don’t like (in general, not just this product)? It’d be a nice opportunity for those who failed to find any! But of course I understand if you’re uncomfortable with the idea ;D It’s just a suggestion!!! <3


  • 4/29/13 11:03 auroragyps:

    I picked up Shady Shores & Seashore frosts the other day. They swatched really nice, but I haven’t tried them on my eyes yet. I do agree that the texture isn’t the same as the pot of Mossy Green I have from last Fall’s collection, but I hope I can get them all to work well together. I was playing with the colors on my hand and Shady Shores & Mossy Green looked really nice together and so did Shady Shores or Barely Branded with Seashore Frosts.


    • 5/1/13 9:49 auroragyps:

      So, I wore Seashore Frosts yesterday and I loved it. It’s a shade of blue I can totally pull off with no problem. I put UD Primer Potion underneath and it wore perfect for over 7 hours, half of which were spent walking outside during the warm, sunny day and I get hot easily. Have to run out on a short errand today and I’m planning on wearing Sandy Shores, maybe with some Mossy Green in the corner if I have time to futz.


      • 5/1/13 10:28 the Muse:

        I still have to try it 😀 it sounds lovely though! I’m really loving Lavish Lavender from this release, that’s prob my fav shade so far!


  • 4/29/13 11:04 Aida:

    I bought Lavish Lavender and Seashore Frosts. The former is not very thrilling, as it goes a bit patchy, but I love the color so I will try to make it work. As for the latter, I think the formula is great. It went on very even and easily, no patchiness at all, it was easy to blend. I’ve worn it yesterday on its own and it never creased and looked quite interesting thx to the duo chrome effect. I’m not interested in any of the other colors though.


    • 4/29/13 11:05 the Muse:

      I really love LL, great shade, possibly best shade from the bunch so far. Agreed :( the patchy issue really gets me.


  • 4/29/13 11:31 Christina:

    Hey Muse! Glad to say that I started off the work week by finding the other two CTs, Precious Pearl and Blue Paraside, by sheer chance. I went to CVS and they finally had the display for the six CTs, but no display or end cap with the other two. So I just happened to look over at the permanent wall display and noticed a color I didn’t recognized which turned out to be Precious Pearl. Lo and behold, right behind it was Blue Paradise. SCORE! So psyched! They are beautiful! BTW I like to use Waves of White (kinda like Too Cool) as a base for powder shadows. Agree it’s too hard to pull off on its own unless you are extremely fair.


    • 4/29/13 12:43 the Muse:

      whoa big time score! 😀 someone prob put them there by mistake maybe some employee 😀 I def like as a base but on its own can’t do it le sigh :( but works great as a color wash for a darker shade. I wish I could use it alone but I like deathly ;-D!


  • 4/29/13 11:51 Casey:

    I somehow found all eight at a Walgreens (how often can you find untouched LE displays of products with this much hype?!) and bought them all up. I’ve got super oily lids, but so far these have performed admirably! I haven’t worn Waves of White all over my lid yet, but I did use it as an inner eye highlight and it was gorgeous! Today I’ve got the Icy Mint one as a base with Chanel’s Epitant on top. The one negative of these is their relative sheerness- when I stick powder on top i feel like you don’t get to show off the cool effect, and I don’t trust them to last on their own on my lids.


    • 4/29/13 11:54 the Muse:

      casey I think you got the ticket! as a base for shadows they def are great but on their own :( too sheer and they crease rather badly sigh! :(


  • 4/29/13 12:39 meghan:

    Waves of White looks really nice on the inner corner with cool crush all over the rest of the lid!


    • 4/29/13 12:42 the Muse:

      gonna try!!!!!!!!! 😀 thanks for the rec!


  • 4/29/13 13:00 Tammie:

    I got Waves of White and I just sheer it out a LOT and use it as a wash. I sheer it out enough that you can’t even see the white any more, just the color changing part.


  • 4/29/13 14:08 Babs:

    I had never tried a color tattoo, and was so excited. I’d seen many a YouTube lady use these as a base or just all over lid color. Sadly, I picked the wrong one? This waves of white had a terrible texture and you are right in saying it doesn’t really apply smoothly. I then decided to try just blending it out, but could never make it actually look decent. It makes me skeptical of the other colors!


    • 4/29/13 15:04 the Muse:

      awww babs sorry your first experience had to be with this one! The fall ones were lovely and some of the new metallics and general catalog shades are WAY better! Don’t give up on them! promise they aren’t all as bad as this one!


  • 4/29/13 14:20 charlotte:

    A little Milk of Magnesia under your primer will stop 99% of creasing in it’s tracks. Watched a tutorial yesterday of Seashore as a base and it turned out gorgeous. She left a little of the CT uncovered in the center of the lid and the duochrome flash showed up great.


  • 4/29/13 18:17 amy:

    I *love* the way this looks, and I’m actually going to try to track this one down! I have several powder shadows that are this same color, even with the duochrome, and I think they look *amazing* with my very dark (nearly black) eyes. I’m also not extremely fair, so I disagree with being a factor, as well. I think actual skintone would determine if it would would work (ie, cool to neutral); however, even those with warmer skintones can make it work, depending on what’s paired with it.


  • 4/29/13 19:04 Erin:

    I have Waves of White as well as fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. I wore this alone all over the lid yesterday and thought it looked great! The white wasn’t too prominent but I could really see the duo chrome effect! It did however crease even with the Lorac eye primer.


  • 4/30/13 8:02 Jade:

    I’m starting to despair that ANY of the new Color Tattoos will ever turn up in Australia. I want Barely Branded SO MUCH, and nada. None of the limited edition ones have ever turned up either.


  • 4/30/13 15:31 Meg:

    I found Waves of White and Cool Crush, but I NEED Seashore Frosts! I went to every CVS around me and the only one that actually had the display was out of that one. But I grabbed the other 2 duo-chromey ones and they both look awesome over a black base!


  • 4/30/13 16:22 Kimmwc03:

    They had the full display of six colors (not the special extra two ones) at one of my local Rite-Aids this weekend so I bought four. I have tried out Seashore Frosts and Waves of White so far and I like the duochrome but hate the creasing. I wore Waves of White today sheered out like Tammie said with a primer underneath and it creases within four hours on me. I think I will try it with a powder shade over it. Too bad the formula seems to stink on these. The earlier ones are awesome.


  • 4/30/13 21:49 Suzie:

    I just got this today, so I have only played around with it some, but I think it is beautiful! I love it as a wash of color on my eye, I think it will look really pretty and subtle, slightly ethereal maybe? I have trouble with all the color tattoos creasing on me on their own(and almost everything else too, so it isn’t really a comment on them), but over the milani primer they stay really well. I should say that I am really pretty fair, so it could be the reason I find this easy to wear.

    I also got seashore frosts and precious pearl. I was really excited for all these once I saw swatches, I like that they are different than the normal line. I think it is kind of nice to see a sheer duochrome finish.


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