Milani Liquid Eye Eyeliner Review & Swatches

Milani Liquid Eye Eyeliner

Word on the street is Milani Liquid Eye Eyeliner Pencils are now available in two new shades. Perfect Purple and Graphite are two brand, new spanking shades for the Spring.

Take a peek!

Milani Liquid Eye Eyeliner ($6.99) is such a killer deal of a product especially if you like products like MAC Pearglide Pencils. These have a soft shimmer with a creamy formula that glides easily onto lids as if they were made of liquid. The formula has a lovely pigmentation and an easy to smudge formula that has excellent wear on my drier eyes.

Milani extended the collection two include two new shades Graphite which is a smoky gray black and Perfect Purple which is a bright royal purple!

They promise 24 hours of wear but personally I didn’t use them that long but they wear a good eight hours on my eyes without smudging. I personally love the application, find the shades have a lovely pigment and sparkle, and think the formula is super creamy and easy to use.

Milani Perfect Purple Liquid Eye Eyeliner

Milani Graphite Liquid Eye Eyeliner

Milani Liquid Eye Eyeliner Swatches

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These are available now at drugstores.

Milani also has a very small 50% Off sale going on at the moment that’s good until April 22nd at

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  • 4/18/13 11:53 ZG:

    I love Milani.. Thank You for featuring these pencils.. I will stock up on them for my makeup kit.


    • 4/18/13 11:58 the Muse:

      my pleasure zg me too, they make damn good eye pencils 😀


  • 4/18/13 12:35 amy:

    I don’t need any more liners, but that purple will be too pretty to pass up, and I rarely wear anything other than black liner, LOL. I’m not sure if I’ve tried any of these, which means I have waaay to many pencil liners; I think a purge is in order…


    • 4/18/13 13:09 the Muse:

      cvs has bogos all the time too amy :)


  • 4/18/13 13:10 Cindy Ramirez:

    I absolutely love their liquid eye pencils! They’re super creamy and pigmented. I love using the black as a base for a sultry little smokey eye. ;] These looks like they’d be great to use either way.


  • 4/18/13 13:41 Blee:

    Darn, my CVS does not have those yet!I was there two days ago and got a lip stick in Sweet Nector (bright orange) for free with my CVS beauty points. That Perfect Purple will be mine. LOL 😀 These liners are just a good if not better than UD 24/7. I have had them on for over 16 hours and not an issue one. Muse I do like and Blee approved. LOL did I just say that * being silly*


    • 4/18/13 13:55 the Muse:

      LOL love blee approved beauty ;-D


  • 4/18/13 13:51 Anna:

    I love Milani cosmetics but I still can’t use pencil eyeliners, regardless of which company it’s from. They all tend to still smudge on me! *sad face*


    • 4/20/13 3:06 Quinctia:

      Their purple liquid liner is pretty good! It might be worth a try for you. I have pretty bad luck with pencil liners, myself. It took me acquiring a bunch to find that out–Physicians Formula’s automatic pencils and MUFE’s tend to stay put, but nothing else will. So I have been acquiring a lot of liquid liners. :)


  • 4/18/13 15:57 Janelle:

    buy one get one 50% off is at CVS now as well for those that cannot wait for shipping.


    • 4/18/13 16:02 the Muse:

      thanks janelle!


  • 4/18/13 16:21 melissa:

    I have the purple one, got it the other day, and its very smooth. It’s so odd that I can get milani easily but finding the new maybelline color tattoos is like a goose chase. Le sigh the drama of a beauty junkie.


    • 4/18/13 16:24 the Muse:

      you aren’t missing much they seem a bust to me so far :-/


      • 4/21/13 4:22 Meg:

        the newer colors, even the metallic ones, do not seem to be as good as the original formulation, they crease so much faster than the original batch did…


        • 4/22/13 9:17 the Muse:



          • 4/22/13 9:18 the Muse:

            oops not agreed lol thought this was the maybelline color tattoo post duh! :) I didn’t have any issues with creasing/fading thankfully!

  • 4/18/13 20:40 Simone:

    I freakin love these pencils, and have a “gotta catch em all!” Thang with them. My pixi pencils are are seriously offended. Lol!

    Loving the purple!


  • 4/18/13 21:24 Sabrina:

    will this stay on oilier eyelids?


    • 4/19/13 14:10 the Muse:

      sabrina they might have some smearing on oilier lids, I have drier ones and they were fine. the texture isn’t that creamy but they have a slicker feel when applied with a slower dry down so they could potentially smear.


  • 4/19/13 3:38 Oles:

    If you have only one to choose what would you prefer milani liquid eye, urban decay 24/7 or pixi eye pen? After you post about pixi i fall in love with their silky formula, they are fantastically water and smudgeproof, thanx a lot!!


    • 4/19/13 13:30 the Muse:

      oles, for budget milani for higher end pixi :) pixie can’t be beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D I LOVE those things ;D


  • 4/19/13 16:04 Ayushi:

    Milani liquid liners are soo nice! I love them for lining my lid, but they smudge around the water line for me. :( ONLY negative. But the color is so rich. I want the purple one now!!!


  • 4/19/13 16:13 LISA:

    These are the best!!! I used to use MUFE liners but these have MUFE beat by a yard. They do not run or smudge and last all day.


  • 4/19/13 16:24 Shirl:

    When i put my items in the cart, all the items are regular price. do i need a coupon code?


  • 4/28/15 10:44 Lorraine E.R:

    The only problem I have with these pencils is they are hard to sharpen.
    The outside was so hard and the liner inside is so soft so it was a pain.
    the second time I went to sharpen the whole black liner inside came out of the casing!
    I haven’t purchased any more of these bc I’m worried they’ll fall apart like that or be so hard to sharpen that it’s not worth it.
    Has anyone else had similar issues or did I get a dud?


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