NARS Summer 2013 Collection

I can’t believe discussion of the new NARS Summer 2013 is on the table today but indeed NARS Summer 2013 is the order of business on this fine Monday morning.

The NARS Summer 2012 Collection is a modern spin on the sexy, futuristic glam of the 1970’s that brings a cool, nonconformist color palette to the warm weather.

NARS Summer 2013 Color Collection

Take a peek!

NARS Summer 2013

NARS Fashion Rebel Duo Eyeshadow $34
Dandelion and African Voilet shades

NARS Fashion Rebel Duo Eyeshadow

NARS Euphrate Single Eyeshadow $24
Frosted mint steel

NARS Euphrate Single Eyeshadow

NARS Barrow Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner $24
Seafoam green

NARS Barrow Street Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner

NARS Puerto Vallarta Multiple $39
Shimmering tangerine

NARS Puerto Vallarta Multiple

NARS Tolede Lipstick $24
Pink rose

NARS Tolede Lipstick

NARS Tender Night Velvet Matte Lip Pencil $25 (LE)
Iridescent lilac

NARS Tender Night Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

NARS Paris Follies Larger Than Life Gloss $26
Pink flamingo

NARS Follies Larger Than Life Lip Gloss

NARS Madness Nail Polish $19 (LE)
Electric orange

NARS Madness Nail Polish

The collection launches April 15th at

  • 4/1/13 11:11 Jen_m_sunshine:

    So, I have four items shown above picked out – of course the nail polish, love the rose lipstick, the eye shawdow single and the lip gloss too!! Have been on a nars hiatus lately although i need to get some of the new satin lippies – have my eye on 3 shades!!! bye bye $


  • 4/1/13 11:23 K.B.:

    Here for the multiple, the lipstick, and the lip gloss….until I see swatches and change my mind. lol

    I’ve been so excited about the past few NARS collections, and then I see swatches and I end up skipping everything. (This is not a reflection on NARS, I’m just too chicken to really “play” with makeup.)


  • 4/1/13 11:24 Louise:

    Amazing colours. Wouldn’t know how to wear the bright coloured eyeshadows though.


  • 4/1/13 11:57 Attika:

    DYING for that eyeliner! never seen a seafoam green liner. and that single eyeshadow, love!!


    • 4/1/13 16:30 Annina:

      the eyeliner is AMAZING and really wearable!!


  • 4/1/13 12:50 Michelle:

    Oh, I am so lemming the Pink flamingo Gloss! Too bad it’s so much $$$..I hate spending more than $20 on a gloss … yes I’m cheap. The again, it is my BD this month, so maybe it’ll be a present to me :)


  • 4/1/13 13:07 Haley:

    that velvet matte lip pencil! love! hope it doesn’t lean too pink or loses the lilac on application. can’t wait to see swatches!


  • 4/2/13 0:57 blueraccoon:

    I’m maybe interested in the matte lip pencil–need to see swatches–and the lipstick but I probably have similar colors lipstick wise, I like roses. The rest, eh.


  • 4/3/13 12:25 KAT:

    I want that lipgloss and maybe the eyeliner :)


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