Nature Republic Tweety Collection

Nature Republic Tweety Collection

The Nature Republic Tweety Collection is SO freaking cute. Asian brands aren’t shy about collaborating with some great cartoons and I’m not shy about collecting all the collections I can that have Disney characters or other cartoon characters from my youth. DHC, Paul & Joe, and others have all launched collections featuring some of my favorite cartoons.

Tweety is possibly the cutest I’ve seen to date though.

Loving this!

Nature Republic Tweety Pact SPF20 PA+++ (Available in 2 Shades)
Face powder featuring an SPF 20.

Nature Republic Tweety Pact SPF20 PA+++

Nature Republic Tweety BB Cream SPF25 PA+++ (Available in 2 Shades)
Moisturizing, anti-aging, whitening BB Cream with a “fluffy” texture.

Nature Republic Tweety BB Cream

Nature Republic Tweety Jelly Moisturizer
Gel moisturizer with a lightweight texture and a delightful lime scent.

Nature Republic Tweety Jelly Moisturizer

Nature Republic Tweety Lovely Mask (7 Mask Box)

  • Tomato (promotes smoother skin)
  • Kiwi (improves elasticity)
  • Banana (nourishing nutrient rich mask)
  • Apple (hydrating mask)
  • Lemon (for blemish skin)
  • Grape (promotes healthy skin while moisturizing)
  • Orange (whitens and brightens)

Nature Republic Tweety Lipgloss
A jelly like tinted lipgloss.

Nature Republic Tweety Lipgloss

Nature Republic Tweety Lip Gloss

There are also lip stains available as well!

Cute right?

I’ll be reviewing some of these treats for you shortly!

  • 4/11/13 9:45 Eli:

    I read a erview of the BB cream somewhere and it wasn’t very positive… But I so want the stains and glosses – they look so pretty (so Tweety :D).


    • 4/11/13 9:46 the Muse:

      doesn’t surprise me but still want tweety bb cream hehe!


  • 4/11/13 10:16 Ashley:

    Where can I find these products? I live in LA btw…


    • 4/11/13 10:21 the Muse:

      Hi ashley E-bay is the only place I know of, just be careful as there are a slew of fakes around, shop wisely.


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