Nature Republic Tweety Jelly Moisturizer Review

Nature Republic Tweety Jelly Moisturizer

As you know I recently hauled the Nature Republic Tweety Collection and with that haul I got the the new Tweety Jelly Moisturizer. Seriously, it’s a moisturizer and it has Tweety’s sweet little face on it, how can I resist stuff like this?

Oh did I mention it smells like limes?

Tweety sold me but lime scented anything drives me crazy! Love!

Take a look!

The Nature Republic Tweety Jelly Moisturizer comes in a tiny pump jar and acts as a toner and a moisturizer all in one. I wouldn’t recommend this for sensitive skin as the fresh squeezed lime scent is delightful but it feels like something that will likely break out sensitive or blemish prone skin, just a word of warning!

At first application it actually feels like a peeling gel much like Cure Natural Aqua as it has that same gel-like consistency with little chunky bits suspended in it. It’s rather watery and runny and the chunks do feel odd on skin at first but they do absorb quickly enough into skin (sorry for the blurry photo below, my cam refused to focus but at least you can get an idea of the chunky texture).

Nature Republic Tweety Jelly Moisturizer Swatches 1

Nature Republic Tweety Jelly Moisturizer Swatches

If you have drier skin I wouldn’t recommend it as it seems to suck any and all oil from my skin after I apply. Granted, it doesn’t mention sebum control so I imagine it is loaded up with alcohol thus the drying effect. At first application it feels cool but not terribly hydrating especially for my drier skin so it might possibly be better suited to oily skin.

Tweety sold me for sure but in the end this wasn’t a great moisturizer. If you are interested in purchasing some of the Tweety Collection I recommend skipping this Jelly Moisturizer. It’s not really something you need, trust me!

E-bay sellers have it at a variety of prices very close to retail.


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  • 5/1/13 10:50 Lib:

    :( aw, I think I’ll take your advice and skip this one. Anything full of alcohol isn’t good enough to warrant a purchase. I trust your opinion! Thanks, Muse :)


    • 5/1/13 10:55 the Muse:

      my pleasure lib! there are a ton of cute offerings in this collection so even if you skip this plenty of other fun stuff to try ;D


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