Palladio Shadow & Liner Crayon Review & Swatches

Palladio Shadow & Liner Crayon

Anyone every try out Palladio Shadow & Liner Crayon ($6)? Dude, they have this brilliant cooling effect on lids for a cool chilling effect!

I dunno why but my inner dork thinks this is all kinds of crazy amazing.

Take a peek!

These shimmery eye pencils are a water based shadow and liner all in one that have aloe and glycerin in the mix. The gel formula has a cool, fresh effect when applied onto eyes. Kinda like a great big glass of ice water for your eyes! Nifty!

They can be used to line with or you can shade your entire eye with ’em and use them as an eyeshadow. Eep…screeching halt…a little tugging involved to get this bad boys into place as the formula is dense and less than creamy. I also experience some patchiness during application so you have to build a little to get the best color intensity.

Palladio In the Buff Shadow & Liner Crayon

Palladio Pink Tutu Shadow & Liner Crayon

Palladio Shadow & Liner Crayon Swatches

Pink Tutu and In the Buff

On the up take you MUST get, at the least, the shade In the Buff! It’s the cheap girl’s Bobbi Brown Vanilla Long Wear Shadow Stick dupe up! Perfect shade to act as a base or an all over color wash to brighten eyes up and give a perfect natural finish to lids. LOVE this!

These are a mere six bucks each and available at drugstores or check ’em out at

Tried ’em?

Stick your two cents in about ’em! Love to hear your thoughts!


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  • 4/4/13 18:17 amy:

    In The Buff will be mine! I forget which brand (I’m thinking Maybelline or CoverGirl), but many years ago, there was a pencil on the market that had the same “cooling” effect, but they were pulled almost as soon as they were released. I quite liked them back then, so I’m looking forward to trying these.


    • 4/9/13 1:50 ChristyMG:

      I think it was definitely Cover Girl, I recall having the teal shade of that pencil. CG smoothers, aqua smooth, something like that. I wish I’d been braver back then, I think I wore it once, but now I love teals and do not fear them! :)

      Pink tutu is pretty, reminds me of a slightly pinker version of Nyx’s jumbo eye crayon in oyster.


  • 4/4/13 23:05 jcbg:

    These sound and look like the Maybelline Cool Effect pencils from years and years ago. They also had that same feeling on your lids! I remember using those as a college freshman, lol. I don’t I’ll be picking these up, but it’s interesting how a product like that is reemerging!


    • 4/5/13 10:27 the Muse:

      I remember those! YES! ;-D they do remind me of those!


    • 4/8/13 8:53 carrie:

      I remember those! I was obsessed with them in high school!


  • 4/5/13 3:29 Lydia:

    Do you think they’re a dupe for the Urban Day creme shadow pencils? They sound promising (esp. at $6 a pop!) as do the swatches and the UD is about $20!


  • 4/5/13 8:46 Sarah S.:

    Would you use that nude one on your waterline? Or bad idea?


    • 4/5/13 10:08 the Muse:

      no bad idea, there’s smaller shimmer in it so def wouldn’t use on water line hun.


  • 4/5/13 10:21 Adi:

    In The Buff is gorgeous. I predict a trip to Ulta in the very near futureā€¦

    Also, I’m mega jealous that you have an inner dork. I only have an outer dork. :/ (I know. I’m a riot.)


    • 4/5/13 10:25 the Muse:

      lol adi! I’m sure my inner comes out to play more than I’d like to admit but nothing wrong with being a dork! wave your flag high!


  • 4/11/13 16:29 Rebecca:

    How about wear time and do they crease? I bought 4 f the Skinn Cosmetics shadow sticks and liners and they all crease in an hour even with primer.


    • 4/11/13 16:40 the Muse:

      no probs with creasing, wore them under Urban Decay Primer Potion and looked great for a solid six hours, some fading after that but no issues with creasing on my dry lids.


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