Sephora the Archer Review

Sephora the Archer Tweezer

I can’t begin to tell you how much I LOVE Sephora’s the Archer Tweezer Set! So adorbs! Sephora the Archer is a set of two miniature tweezers that are idea for travel.

Imma tell you…I have to travel with tweezers.

Here’s my story…

Sephora the Archer

True story peeps….I have a single white eyebrow hair. I kinda feel like a unicorn. Nothing wrong with that, always be yourself but when you can’t be yourself, be a damn unicorn!

Anyway…whenever I go to wax my brows the girl that does it LEAVES that bloody hair there. She never plucks it. Why!? She must leave it for luck because surely if I play the lotto I’ll win as I have a single white eyebrow hair, yes, it MUST mean something. All is right with the universe courtesy that white hair.

Needless to say it bugs me so after I step out of the salon and hop in my car, I proceed to grab my makeup bag and my little Archer Tweezers and pluck that irritating hair out.

Sephora the Archer Set

You might not be as lucky as I am in regards to a white hair but you might have a stray hair or two hanging out that you want to pluck out quick like and these cute little titanium plated tweezers are the perfect solution to do so on the go. These come in a small plastic compact and take next to NO room in your makeup bag making them the perfect travel companion!

These come as a set and feature a slanted tip tweezer with wider tips and a tapered one.

Bestest (and cutest) tweezer set ever!

Loves this.

And a mere $12 bucks.

Available now at Sephora and


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  • 4/29/13 10:56 auroragyps:

    I have some white hairs in my eyebrows too… mostly on the right. O.o I also get white chin hairs which are a pain to see, but are stiff as heck and tough to pull. The latest in follicle fun are white eyelashes, also mainly on the right side, That DO NOT want to curl for anything. I knock on wood that at least the gray hair on my head, and it’s about half gray now, doesn’t bug me or look bad.


    • 4/29/13 10:58 the Muse:

      hey auro! :) none in my chin but damn that pesky one in my eyebrow lol! 😀 ha….! strangely enough, the only possible one hair I have at the moment is that single brow hair…it just keeps coming back!


  • 4/29/13 11:03 Cj:

    I got my eyebrows done for the first time a week or so ago, was literally scared for my life lol. All I could think of was her over waxing and I’d end up being one of those people that have to sharpie their brows on lol. But it actually went really good. I never realized how big of a difference cleaner brows make.


    • 4/29/13 15:08 the Muse:

      I think putting yourself it anyone’s hands when waxing anything…especially brows, takes a ton of trust. I’ve had some experiences that have just went SO wrong :( I def like going to the same person each time to avoid any drama ;-D Since you found someone that does them well, STICK with her/him 😀


      • 4/29/13 15:11 Cj:

        Yeah I know what you mean lol. My stylist recommended her to me and I’ve been seeing the stylist for a couple years now exclusively :)


        • 4/29/13 16:08 the Muse:

          oh stylists seriously are keepers when you find the right one ;-D some are scissor happy! so when you find the right one, def stick to them like glue! I’ve been seeing the same guy since I was like 16! won’t let anyone touch my hair, tried to go to others and just had BAD experiences :-/ I’m anal 😀


  • 4/29/13 11:47 blueraccoon:

    Hee. My esthetician was so funny when she found my first white hair (which she tweezed). She was all “It’s a rite of passage, your first white eyebrow hair!” I love her to pieces.


    • 4/29/13 11:54 the Muse:

      LOL! ;-D maybe that’s mine!?


  • 4/29/13 23:24 Nat:

    Muse, have you ever seen Oruchuban Ebichu? You and your single white hair remind me of the episode where she wakes up to find a single hair on the top of her head (WARNING, it’s NSFW!):

    If you’ve not seen, you should watch the whole series, it’s hilarious. :3


    • 5/6/13 16:25 the Muse:

      LOL watched that and totally laughed my azz off ;D thanks Nat!


      • 5/6/13 16:39 Nat:

        Hee-hee! You should totally watch them all – there’s not very many and they’re pretty short too. Soooo funny. ;D


        • 5/6/13 16:42 the Muse:

          i was just doing that lol! never heard of it and I’m big anime fan 😀


  • 4/30/13 1:45 melissa:

    my eye brow are strangely fair blonde but the hair on my head mostly gray was reddishbrownish i believe prior to being every shade in the rainbow since age 14 that is. So I wouldn’t notice a white eyebrow hair. I actually have to dye or pencil color in my brows or I seriously look brow-less. Fun times being a chick. However, i have a random white hair that pops up and i mean straight up. I usually notice it about 2 weeks after a color job. I swear I pluck that sucker at least once a week and it always finds it way back to standing up in my part. These white hairs have a mind of their own!


  • 5/1/13 2:22 Esther:

    I have a single white hair on my eyebrow too! It’s on the left and it keeps growing back! Yay for unicorns!


    • 5/1/13 9:34 the Muse:

      lol we are special esther!


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