Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar Review

Tony Moly Bunny Perfume Bar

How cute is this little Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar? If I haven’t already won you with kitty cat mascara and little bunny lip balms I’m positive I’ll grab you with my little Bunny Perfume Bar yes?

I’m setting up a little army of bunny shaped beauty to take over the world with. I kill you with cuteness!

You might remember the Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist I reviewed for you a bit ago as the Hello Bunny Perfume Bar is its little sister. This is a smaller version of that style packaging with a little bunny topper!

Awww! So sweet!

Inside you’ll find a twist up solid perfume bar that you can apply on wrists, neck, etc…for a little dash of scent on to go. The little bunny packaging is actually completely travel friendly should you wish to travel with your fragrance for touch ups!

Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar

These are available in five different scents. The one I have here is Momo Fruity which is kinda a musky fruity scent. I don’t really like it to be honest as the sweetness of the fruit notes are mangled with some unusual muskiness that isn’t terribly pleasant to my nose. However, there are four other scents to choose from like Baby Powder, Green Tea, etc….!

Let’s face it though, I didn’t buy it just for the fragrance…the bunny just demanded to come home with me.

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  • 4/30/13 16:37 Elin The Cupcake Cat:

    cuteness overload!!!


  • 5/1/13 12:50 christmas:

    I have the green tea one. It was the least offensive and I actually really like it. hahahaha I’ve really been digging solid perfumes lately.

    It’s Skin has cute macaron shaped solid perfumes, I found one that smells like Hawaiian Punch.


    • 5/1/13 13:12 the Muse:

      lol sometimes these things always come across smelling like toilet paper! haha! i got one of the lip balms shaped like a macaron! so cute!


    • 5/2/13 15:03 Tammie:

      I have the rose one and I like it but it’s a bit strong so I never use it…maybe I’ll get the green tea one then :3


  • 5/2/13 19:31 cat:

    Is it just me or does the shape of these products make them appear, ah, not so innocent if you know what I mean? 😉


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