Ulta Lip Butter for Summer 2013

Ulta Lip Butter

I’m just saying if Ulta wants to release a Lip Butter I’ll happily buy some. Ulta Super Shiny Lip Butter is a smooth creamy lip color with a moisturizing formula available in a variety of shades.

We might need this one peeps!

Ulta Lip Butter promises buttery lip color with the shine of a gloss and the benefits of a sheer lipstick with a moisturizing formula formulated with Vitamin E.

At $8 they don’t really come cheap considering Revlon Lip Butter sounds like it might have better pigmentation and is two or three dollars less but I’d be willing to try these!

They are available in 10 shades at Ulta and Ulta.com

Wanna try?

Too expensive?

Say word on that $8 price tag! Ouch why you hurt my feelings so hard Ulta.

  • 4/4/13 21:47 Kathleen:

    Ooh, but Ulta often runs a good sale on their line. :) Going to be on the lookout for these!


  • 4/5/13 8:32 Jessica:

    $8 is high but Ulta always does bogo w/ their makeup line and they always have a coupon. I may look into these, love a good moisturizing lip product with color!


  • 4/5/13 12:33 Patsy:

    wish it had SPF


  • 4/5/13 13:17 Victoria Lynn:

    I shop at Ulta a lot but I don’t know why I never seem to buy Ulta brand. I know the Ulta line always seems to be on some kind of sale but I always end up buying everything else, lol. I do pick some up as freebies when my points build up though. Back in high school I had like 2 or 3 of that super shimmery black Ulta shadow that I’m not even sure if they have anymore, lol. (I went through a lot of black back then)


  • 4/5/13 13:39 Deb:

    Hi Muse, Happy Friday! Are you thinking about picking some up and doing a review? I don’t usually jump on anything until I’ve checked to see if you’ve reviewed it :) What really chaps my butt is that my two closest Ulta stores are ALWAYS out of stock on their own brand. I mean really bare shelves. Lucky to find an eyeshadow or two and some other odds or ends but mostly nothing. WTF is up with that? You would think they would make sure that section is always well stocked to sell their own stuff. So I go in hoping to check out something they are promoting or newly launching and be damned if it’s ever there. Aaargh! just my little rant today.


    • 4/5/13 13:58 the Muse:

      TGIF debs! yes…! 😀 aw shucks go on now, you make me happy saying that 😀 EW restock that shiz Ulta. I can’t feel your pain girl sorry, ulta is really stocked up tight here but TOO damn far away!


  • 4/6/13 4:14 Debbie:

    I think I might try Revlon Lip Butter first.


  • 4/8/13 8:51 carrie:

    How was your weekend muse? Did you see Evil Dead?


    • 4/8/13 10:03 the Muse:

      i did indeed which was all kinds of awesome. I had a great weekend thanks for asking dear 😀 and yours?


  • 4/8/13 10:11 carrie:

    Sweet! Gotta see it! My weekend… hmm. Not so awesome lol. Had I migraine Fri night. At least my daughter spent the night at her friend’s house…so half the responsibility. On sat night I bashed my ankle on my coffee table trying to not step on the cat. Think its prob sprained and there is a huge bruise over half of it. Boo! But yesterday we spent the day watching the (original) evil dead trilogy… plus dead alive so that was cool. Lol.


    • 4/8/13 10:14 the Muse:

      omg…jeez that doesn’t sound good at all. what is it with cats that want to get under our feet? Seriously, mine seems intent on tripping me! I hope your ankle is better today! totally can relate on the migraine, typically get one from a stressful day at work and def need to just lay down until it passes :( aw at least you’re all caught up evil dead hehe now to see the new one! ha Dead Alive, SUPER old school!


  • 4/8/13 10:21 carrie:

    Yeah…I had only seen Peter Jackson’s early movies (dead alive, bad taste, meet the feebles) when they announced him directing lotr. I was like wtf?! Yeah..my cats trip me all the time. To be fair I am also such a klutz anyway. I def get migraines when the weather (air pressure ) changes really drastically… which it did here (in the 70s!).


    • 4/8/13 11:23 the Muse:

      carrie did you email by chance this morning? tried to email back but it bounced. wasn’t sure if it was you though, named looked similiar. how he went from bad budget horror to LOTR is beyond me lol! Naa your cat prob has it out for you! you aren’t a klutz lol ;-D Yeah, supposedly we are getting some of that good weather today! Hope so!


      • 4/8/13 11:26 carrie:

        I did. Hmm. That’s weird.


        • 4/8/13 11:36 the Muse:

          replied looks like it ended in a k instead of an l :)


  • 4/8/13 11:05 Jen_m_sunshine:

    Imagine everyone already saw this but Ulta products Buy 2 Get 2~~~ Perfect opp to order these!


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