Banila Co About Eyes Dual Eye Care Review & Swatches

Banila Co About Eyes Dual Eye Care

All concealers should come with their own eye cream like Banila Co About Eyes Dual Eye Care Primer and Eye Cream Duo. Seriously, I just want all my concealers to come with their own little jar of eye cream that I can prep with prior to application. I overdose on eye cream anyway since my eyes are stupid dry. And without or with too little my concealer does NOT apply correctly. So a little reminder pot included with my concealer I would not be averse too.

Take a look at Banila Co’s all in solution!

Banila Co About Eyes Dual Eye Care 3

Banila Co About Eyes Dual Eye Care 4

Granted this isn’t going to win any major eye cream awards so count it as a primer of sorts prior to concealer application for moisture. Just don’t expect it to completely eliminate your fine lines.

This comes in a double compartment jar. The top portion contains a smaller mirror and concealer with the bottom pot containing your eye cream. The idea is much like Lancome’s Renergie Eye Multiple Action Ultimate Eye Care Duo but at least Lancome offers three color options.

If the concealer worked for me I’d probably use this more often than I currently do. The concealer is a lighter shade of fair beige with peach undertones. I tried it a few times but the shade is FAR too light. The texture is outstanding though with a creamy, moisturizing feel that glides under eyes easily and doesn’t crease. It doesn’t conceal a tone but does brighten up the area and makes for an excellent lightweight concealer on days you don’t need fuller coverage. It also happens to contain an SPF 15.

Banila Co About Eyes Dual Eye Care 6

Banila Co About Eyes Dual Eye Care 11

Banila Co About Eyes Dual Eye Care Swatches

The eye cream is actually quite lovely as well. It’s a gel-like cream that turns a bit oily as you apply. Don’t worry the oily isn’t an issue and it absorbs quickly and fully leaving eyes nicely moisturized and prepped for concealer.

If the concealer was a decent shade for me I’d probably make use of this on days where I’m not doing full makeup looks and just need a little bit of moisture and concealer under my eyes. For weekends, running errands, etc…it makes a great quickie hydrate, conceal, and go product. Unfortunately, the single shade selection will only fit a few and not all skin tones.

Oh well!

Still cute and quite nice if it does suit your tone.

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Dontcha wish all your concealers came with eye cream?


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