Blinc Eye Shadow Primer for Summer 2013

Blinc Eye Shadow Primer

Remember when Blinc when all about mascara primer? Well Blinc Eye Shadow Primer brings things to a new level my friends. I guess it is fitting considering how Blinc has always been about priming stuff so why not our eyeshadow?

Blinc Eye Shadow Primer ($24) is available in a light and flesh tone, mmm eyeshadow primer with options! Likey! Supposedly this enables your shadow to remain crease-proof and fade resistant while moisturizing the eye area to decrease the sign of finger lines.

They lost me at the moisturizing part….do not want a hydrating eye primer as that will likely make my shadows crease. Won’t it?!

Guess I’ll have to try it out for size and see!

It’s avaiable now at Sephora and

What’s your shadow primer of choice?

I must admit since Urban Decay changed their formula I haven’t really been using primer all that much. Not because I haven’t found some great replacements for it but I dunno, I just somehow don’t apply anymore…thankfully my shadow stays fairly crease free though due to my drier eyes so I’m golden!

  • 5/30/13 12:09 Deb:

    Hi Muse. I bought this a few days ago in my hair salon. I got the light and the flesh colors. The light is very light, whitish in color and the flesh is pretty dark. Like you, I have dry skin, especially around my eyes. I actually did not find this moisturizing at all but it also wasn’t dry and didn’t cake on top of my normal eye cream. It applied very nicely. I used both colors, just randomly placed a few dots of each on my lids and then blended with my fingers. Worked great! I have very red eyelids and the combo of the two colors neutralized the red very well without being obvious. No creasing, no fading. I wore it for about 7 hours. I don’t think both colors are necessary depending on how you apply your eyeshadows. I just don’t always use shadow up beyond my crease so I wanted to cancel the red without having white eyelids up to the brow bone. The flesh tone is too dark for me on its own but I am very fair skinned. For darker complexions the flesh tone will probably be just right.


    • 5/30/13 12:10 the Muse:

      awesome deb! thanks for the deets!!!!!!!! def want to try now as it sounds promising 😀


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