Covergirl Clean Glow Blusher Review & Swatches

Covergirl Clean Glow Blusher Summer 2013

Covergirl Clean Glow Blusher is another of Covergirl’s new Summer offerings. It looks vaguely familiar to me but I don’t think CG has introduced this before but feel free to correct me because as you know some of the Summer 2013 product releases are actually repackaged repromotes.

So far the Cover Girl Clean Glow Blusher is actually the only product I liked.

Take a look!

Covergirl Rose Clean Glow Blusher

I believe Covergirl Clean Glow Blusher comes in a Rose and a Peach variation. This is a graduating blush that includes three shades that range from lighter to darker. Its a denser powder texture but don’t let that fool you it actually applies quite nicely. I’d call the finish semi matte as it isn’t a fully matte blush nor does it contain any sparkles or shimmer. It has a silky texture that blends fairly easily.

Covergirl Clean Glow Blusher

Covergirl Clean Glow Blusher Swatches

It is sheerer so the fairer you are the better the chances are of using it as on a darker medium tone it might not show up at all. For me it’s one of those mistake-proof blushes I can’t screw up. I have a heavier hand and I can’t mess this up at all. It gives my cheeks a very natural, pretty rosy glow. The lighter shades work to lighten up the darker shade which results in a more natural rose on cheeks.

I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a lightweight more subtle touch of color for your cheeks. I found it wore well without fading, applied easily, and was virtually mistake-proof to apply and blend.

Covergirl Clean Glow Blusher FOTD

It’s a fairly uneventful blush but still nice none the less.

Available now at drugstores!

Tried it?

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  • 5/16/13 18:07 CiCi:

    this looks like an exact dupe of Max Factor Color Genius blush from a few years ago


    • 6/25/13 16:10 MADY:



  • 5/16/13 20:59 Lisa Marie:

    Max Factor had released, what appears to me, this exact product many years ago. I had purchased the peach color and it was rather pretty on my winter white/pale skin, BUT way too light and sheer when I had any bit of tan. With my darker summer tone, it would come off chalky. I really liked that it was matte.


  • 5/16/13 21:07 Janelle:

    I dont think it is uneventful! I think that it looks great! You look gorgeous……


    • 5/17/13 9:38 the Muse:

      aw thanks janelle!


  • 5/16/13 21:21 Caroline:

    Looks like a nice blush! I have a weird loyalty to Cover Girl despite having been disappointed by some of their recent offerings. I’d like to try this product, so it’s good to read your positive review of it. :)


    • 5/17/13 9:38 the Muse:

      I think you’ll like caroline really natural and pretty!


  • 5/16/13 21:22 Caroline:

    P.S. I also love your eye makeup in this photo!!! What did you use? Looks great!


    • 5/17/13 9:37 the Muse:

      thanks! two shades of the new covergirl shadow sticks :)


  • 5/17/13 10:49 Sayre:

    Looks like there is a bronzer version too. Spices #120. I will probably have to try one. Looks nice on you. πŸ˜‰


    • 5/17/13 10:52 the Muse:

      thanks sayre! πŸ˜€


  • 5/17/13 11:43 Laura:

    Did you put brown in your waterline? That plus those new eyeshadow sticks are making your eyes POP!


    • 5/17/13 12:11 the Muse:

      a little smidge laura ;-D thank YOU! I have a review coming up on these, wait until you see the reddish orange gold look I did, I thought it came out fun!


  • 5/17/13 13:05 Amy:

    confession: I actually really like Cover Girl’s blushes (the big ones in the dark cases, not the little silly ones). Perhaps this will fall into my cart… :)


    • 5/17/13 13:06 the Muse:

      I think I’ve tried and liked them too amy…! they are pretty pigmented as I recall πŸ˜€


  • 5/17/13 22:45 Lulle:

    I saw these in my drugstore yesterday, and I was surprised at how big they are. At least you get quite a bit of blush for your money! Alas I don’t find them too exciting either.


  • 5/18/13 10:09 Cindy Ramirez:

    I steel clear of covergirl blushes, they have a weird smell to me. Does this smell weird? D;


    • 5/20/13 11:28 the Muse:

      no thank GOD! hate smelly cosmetics!


  • 5/26/13 22:02 Amairani:

    Muse I have to say I love your reviews! You look so pretty in here.

    Btw what is the shade youΒ΄re using here? I loved it.


    • 6/10/13 16:07 the Muse:

      aw thanks amairani it’s the shade roses.


  • 2/10/15 22:20 Barbitalia:

    Looking for just such an item for an April birthday makeup basket for my non-makeup sister – I think this will be perfect, thanks girlie! xo


    • 2/11/15 17:16 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure πŸ˜€


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