Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation for Summer 2013

Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation

Some of Covergirl’s newest Summer offerings feel very retro. Covergirl Cleaned Whipped Creme Foundation is a perfect example of this as remember the old TRUblend Whipped Foundation I loved so much? Seems the same concept right?

Take a look!

Between this, the new Flamed Out Eyeshadow Pencils, and the new lip balms that Covergirl recently introduced I’m feeling like Covergirl merely repackaged some older products and reintroduced them.

Although I’m not complaining as Whipped Creme Foundation I’m all about! I love whipped up mousse-like foundation products so I’m quite excited to try this and I imagine if you loved Revlon’s Photoready Whipped Foundation you’ll probably adore this.

We’ll see how it performs and I’ll get back to you with a review and swatches shortly.

Tried it already?

Do share!

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!

  • 5/14/13 11:32 Caroline:

    I’ve seen some blog posts about these new CG products but haven’t come across any of them myself yet. I’m eager to read your review of this, since I’m in the market for a new foundation soon. Keep us posted! :)


  • 5/14/13 12:27 lil’eve:

    I can’t wait for u to swatch and review this Muse. My mom is an avid fan of the whipped foundation and I had a,mousse foundation but it enhanced my pores.


  • 5/14/13 13:16 Mia D:

    I tried this out. I really wanted to love it. It applied smoothly, looked fantastic (medium coverage), and I didn’t break out from it (I’m very acne prone). Unfortunately it barely lasted 4 hrs on my face. I need something that’s going to last at least a good 6+. So if people don’t mind the lack of staying power, this is a wonderful foundation.


  • 5/14/13 13:32 Hillarie:

    I’d be willing to try this, but for some reason I’m getting the idea that Covergirl is just really lazy all of a sudden.


  • 5/14/13 17:50 Olivia:

    This looks really cool!


  • 5/15/13 12:13 Annie:

    Everything old is new again.


  • 6/8/13 16:26 Andrea:

    I’ve been using covergirl’s whipped cream foundation for years! they just put it in a jar.. which i think is a step down from the pump that it used to have.


  • 6/22/13 17:28 Donna:

    I have a problem with any Covergirl foundation. They ALL accentuate the lines under my eyes. But, I wanted to try this one, and see if a whipped cream foundation would be different. Well, I was wrong. I hated it. It was awful! The lines under my eyes were exaggerated! So, I tried one by Revlon : colorstay whipped. It is much, much better. It lasts, and doesn’t look any where near as bad under my eyes.


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