Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper Review & Swatches

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer

The new love of my life happens to be Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper. Addicted to lip plumpers by any chances? If so you NEED this.

The one redeeming factor about Kim K is her ability to pull off the best nude lip looks every and I swear Dior Addict Lip Maximizer must somehow factor into her look!

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper ($31) is a stunning little gloss that gives volume and shine to lips with a blend of collagen and marine fills. It actually works over time so lips will be fuller after 15 days according to Dior. I haven’t technically used it that long so I can’t say if it is or isn’t working but I will say its become a staple in my daily lip regime and I don’t want to be without it.

This has a cool, tingly effect on lips with a slight sting and a soft vanilla mint taste. It’s a soft almost nude peach but actually comes across a little pink on my lips. You can use it alone or over your favorite lipsticks and stains. In this review I used it without anything under it for your reference.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper Swatches

It applies with a sponge applicator and has a soft shiny finish with a thin almost jelly-like texture that isn’t tacky or sticky. It isn’t incredibly lightweight and it is the type of gloss product you can feel on your lips but that doesn’t mean it isn’t comfortable. It provides moisture and shine to my lips and honestly, it really does give that pouty effect after a few minutes of settling, really, true story! The sting is very minor here and can’t be likened to harsher plumpers like DuWop’s Lip Venom. It also takes a few minutes for the tingle to set in so you might not feel it right away. If you’re super sensitive it might be to much but personally this is child’s play compared to many other plumpers I’ve personally tried.

Overall, I loved it because it’s one of the few plumpers I tried that didn’t rely on irritating ingredients to plump or a thicker formula. It gave my lips a fuller appearance and a beautifully nude, natural look.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper 5
I loved it.

I think it’s worth a try.

It’s available now at your dav Dior counters or online at Sephora.com

Tried it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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  • 5/10/13 15:12 Cj:

    I do not NEED this. I already HAVE this! 😛


    • 5/10/13 15:16 the Muse:

      lol! awesome isn’t it?!


  • 5/10/13 15:17 Cj:

    Yep, dior makes some of the best lip products out there


  • 5/11/13 2:53 Simone:

    Ooooh! Perdy. I’d love to know if u see any plumping action in the future!
    Thanks for the post :)


  • 5/11/13 3:22 dark nyx:

    oh. my. god. This is also the love of my life. I bought the LE sparkle one, just one, thinking I’d give it a try and would probably be meh about it. Boy was I wrong. I ran back to get a back up and they were SOLD OUT. Sob. I settled for the regular one but I still LOVE it. I used it for the 15 days and found my lips very soft and cushion-y. I’m glad you love it too, great minds think alike. =]


  • 5/14/13 12:05 Eilla:

    I have this one too! Recently got it. It’s very comparable with Soap & Glory Mother Pucker lip gloss. It is cheaper too. But S&G is very sticky so it last longer on me. It uses the micro sphere technology that is basically like sponge so it comes in contact with water, it suppose to expand and give you this fuller lip look. The only caution is do not kiss someone cause the tingling effect seem to last a lot longer and transferable on others. Did a mistake with my guy once and he asked what on earth is going on with my lips. Told him it’s just the effect of a powerful kiss and our love. Lol.


    • 5/14/13 12:08 the Muse:

      cute eilla! 😀 very cute!


  • 5/15/13 6:29 J.:

    I am a huge fan of this as well, my favorite lip plumper by far!


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