Etsy Discovery: Dior Eyeshadow Makeup iPhone 5 Case

Dior Eyeshadow Makeup iPhone 5

I swear sometimes I feel like I could have purchased a brand new phone for the amount of $$$ I’ve spent on cases. Why oh why am I so obsessed with how my phone looks?!

I can afford ten more bucks right? For this adorable Dior Eyeshadow Makeup Palette iPhone 5 Case….!

Cute right?

This establishes me as a true makeup junkie right?

Loves it.

Available at

P.S. Can I tell you how incredibly behind I am on Game of Thrones? Four episodes are warming up my Tivo at the moment. Must get to them! Got in super late last night and had plans to catch up a little but Batman circa 1966 caught our attention and well, we got memorized by it. Seriously, I KNOW all the lines. As far as I’m concerned it is the best out of all the Batman movies. I happened to have a huge crush on Burt Ward when I was like seven years old and old episodes played on channel 11 or channel 9, something like that. He was such a pretty boy!

Holy cheese-fest Batman! 90 minutes well spent.

Happy Hump Day!

  • 5/22/13 9:59 Christina:

    Holy Good Memories, Batmuse! I grew up watching the show in its origina broadcast (although I was too young to get it) and then later in re-runs when I did get it. Between that and Monty Python, my sense of humor is forever warped.


    • 5/22/13 13:02 the Muse:

      I watched the reruns…I remember days when I was home sick or something and not being able to wait until it came out around 3 or 4pm…it’s such a good memory 😀 lol! I love batmuse…hehe! 😀 ahhh MP, “I fart in your general direction!” hehehe ;D


  • 5/22/13 10:40 AnniLau:


    As for GoT…they’re taking this Sunday off, so you have an extra week to get caught up. Use your time wisely.


    • 5/22/13 10:47 the Muse:

      AMEN! are they!? thank god. Maybe I can finally catch up! ;-D


  • 5/22/13 16:36 Olivia:

    I really want a makeup phone case. I saw ps i made this did a line of cases and she had a really cool lipstick pattern.


    • 5/23/13 9:55 the Muse:

      yeah she has a ton of them including a urban decay naked one :)


  • 5/22/13 16:39 Joy:

    Muse, you *must* have that iPhone case. MUST. It’s perfect for you :)

    I strongly encourage you to get caught up in GOT before the next new episode on June 2nd. You gotta see that one live. Trust me on this one.


    • 5/23/13 9:40 the Muse:

      hey joy hehe I ordered two *blush* she had such cute ones I couldn’t resist 😀 I caught up on one eppy last night and plan on the next two tonight I hope if I get home early enough ;D


  • 5/23/13 16:55 Joy:

    Well done Musey! Enjoy your GOT mini-binge! :)


    • 6/11/13 16:35 the Muse:

      ;-D gotta watch the finale now joy!


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