Follow the Muse on Tumblr (If You Dare)


I’ve had a Tumblr account for a while and I just decided I might as well start using it right? Right. If you want you can follow me up at I’ll be posting random beauty bits and bobs and I’m sure my fandoms will get involved in there as well somewhere….!

By the way, Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. I hope it’s a very special day for you!

And on a more serious note…ugh….

I’ve been having a few hiccups on Musings lately. If you experience any lag, hang ups, sluggishness, or any other drama when loading the site I would greatly appreciate it if you e-mail me or comment and let me know. I sometimes don’t catch these issues since I view the site differently than you do. I’d appreciate it SO much if you give me the heads up with any problems or slowness you experience.


Have a really pleasant weekend!

  • 5/10/13 16:10 Cj:

    Now all you need to be on is Instagram and you’ll be on everything!


  • 5/10/13 17:18 kate:



    • 6/11/13 16:42 the Muse:



  • 5/10/13 20:17 Alanna:

    followeeeeeed! i’m
    I can’t really get into twitter, facebook, pinterest….i like tumblr the best. I think I can only concentrate on one social media platform at a time lol!


    • 6/11/13 16:48 the Muse:

      I wish I didn’t have to concentrate on any lol! thanks for the folow girl!


  • 5/13/13 1:18 christmas:

    I followed you on tumblr, I’m feycorgi! 😀


    • 5/13/13 14:28 the Muse:

      thanks christmas I’ll check you out! I’m just getting my tumblr legs on 😀


  • 5/13/13 8:24 casey23:

    Aside from the topic, I’ve been meaning to tell you this. I am a badass and loyal Supernatural fan and everytime I watch it and see Crowley I only think of you (in a non-weird way :) )


    • 5/13/13 9:02 the Muse:

      lol I love that 😀


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