Holika Holika Pure Mellow Jelly Blusher Review & Swatches

Holika Holika Pure Mellow Jelly Blush

Holika Holika Pure Mellow Jelly Blush is a cute cream blusher available in five different shades. I recently picked this up on a whim because I loved the sweet apricot color plus I thought a cream blush would be rather excellent for Summer wear.

Let’s take a look!

This comes in a little pill-like pink case with a tiny mirror. The entire package is rather small as is the blush and I imagine with daily use it’ll run down rather quickly.

Holika Holika Pure-Mellow Jelly Blush

Holika Holika Jelly Blush

I expected it to be more creamier in all honesty but it turns out it’s a denser cream consistency. It has a sort of fluffier, mousse-like texture but still remains rather dense to the touch. I’d say it was most comparable the the sponginess of L’Oreal Visible Lift Blush and Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush. It has that type of texture that sort of bounces back when you touch it.

It applies very easily, blends out just as well with a finger or with a fibre brush. I was disappointed for a few reasons though one of which was how sheer the color was. Nothing against sheer blushes but I’d love the option of building up a shade if I want, this however, was subtle all around and had very subtle color pay off on my cheeks. It might be better suited for some with far fairer skin than my own that wants a more natural blush. Although color applies very easily and looks very flawless it wears for a very short time. I got about two hours from it before it disappeared completely so carrying it along for touch ups is essential. That happens to be another issue…touching up is a pain as this is best suited for finger application and who wants to do finger touch ups on the go?

Holika Holika Pure Mellow Jelly Blush Vivid Coral

Holika Holika Pure Mellow Jelly Blush Swatches

It might interest you if you like subtle more natural blushes but I think even if you do enjoy such a finish you might find yourself a little disappointed at the shorter wear.

Holika Holika Pure Mellow Jelly Blush FOTD

No likey.

Sasa.com sells some Holika Holika as well as a variety of E-bayers.

Anyone try?

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  • 5/8/13 19:29 Kira:

    The names for these products… “Pure Mellow Jelly Blush.” It sounds like a dessert rather than a makeup product xD It’s a shame that this isn’t more long lasting, as the color is quite beautiful.


    • 5/9/13 9:47 the Muse:

      it does doesn’t it :)


  • 5/9/13 2:08 Quinctia:

    I love that compact for some reason! Too bad I hardly ever wear blush.


  • 5/18/13 4:34 Daisy:

    Muse you are too cute!


    • 5/20/13 11:28 the Muse:

      aw shucks thanks!


  • 4/30/14 20:39 Melody:

    Thank you so much for the review as I am considering buying this and appreciate the info you provided. I have Maybelline’s Bouncy Blush and L’Oreal’s Visible Lift Blush, so I know I will like Holika Holika’s Jelly Blush as well. I tend to like blushes that are on the subtle side so this blush is right up my alley. Thanks again!


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