It Cosmetics Lab Sample Vitality Lip Butter Gloss Review & Swatches

It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Butter Gloss Lab Sample

One has to wonder what the mystery is behind the It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Lab Sample! News Anchor Blue is a Lab Sample of Its new Vitality Lip Flush Butter Gloss that comes in a Lip Butter Gloss Set sold at

The Lab Sample is kinda unexpected and a little bit mysterious so I thought it kinda deserved its very own post.

Take a look!

Although physically smaller in size the It Cosmetics Lab Sample Vitality Lip Butter Gloss is 0.16 oz in size compared to the 0.11 oz glosses included in the set that I recently swatched and reviewed for you.

It Cosmetics Lab Sample Vitality Lip Butter Gloss News Anchor Blue

It Cosmetics Lab Sample Vitality Lip Butter Gloss

It Cosmetics Lab Sample Vitality Lip Butter Gloss Swatches

This is a bright wintergreen-blue shade. It actually has a little bit of a different texture compared to the gloss butters I tried. The texture is thicker and not as hydrating through the wear. It’s still comfortably none the less and a has a nice shine to it. The color seems odd but it applies fairly transparent. Some believe blue gloss makes your teeth appear brighter and whiter. You’ll see a little reflection of that blue shade on lips but you’ll have to stare really hard to see it.

I really like the Lip Butter Gloss formula, a whole heck of a lot, but I’m a little unsure whether the Lab Sample is as similar…seems a different formula…

Not a bad one mind you but not as lovely as the colored version!

Anyone try it?

Love to hear your thoughts!


This review contains a sample
product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 5/21/13 11:54 majick:

    I think the purpose is as you said to make your teeth look a bit whiter. THat said, a long time ago I had a product from IT – it was a lip gloss on one side and a line camoflage thing on the other. I really wish IT would bring that product to the foreground with a single – it was fab and I don’t even think they make it anymore. I think it may have been a sleeper that didn’t get up in time.


    • 5/21/13 11:57 the Muse:

      i can’t say I remember that one majick! hmm!


  • 5/21/13 13:20 Shelby:

    Benefit had(I think it may be discontinued now) a blue lip gloss called california kissin’


    • 5/21/13 13:28 the Muse:

      yeah that was released several Summer’s ago..I think they still have it around in the clearance section :)


  • 5/21/13 15:57 Karena:

    They sold a (teeth whitening) shimmery blue gloss that looked just like this when IT was on HSN a few years ago.


    • 5/21/13 16:00 the Muse:

      HAAAAAAAAAA i didn’t even know it was sold on HSN!


  • 5/22/13 21:32 Majick:

    Karena, do you remember the line filler product for lips from IT that I’m talking about? It was a double ended lip gloss with the color on one side and the line filler on the other.


  • 5/23/13 13:27 Karena:

    Hey, Muse!! Yep, I dug up some pics from when they were in the greenroom prepping for HSN shows in 1998.


    • 5/23/13 13:46 the Muse:

      I don’t even remember that! 😀 and I was going to say that’s a pic from 1998?! ;-D haha!


  • 5/23/13 13:39 Karena:

    Hi Majick – I do remember one double-sided product that was gloss on one side and a whitish liquid on the other side…not sure if that’s what you remember. :-)


  • 5/23/13 13:39 Karena:

    Whoops, sorry!! I meant 2008, not 1998!!


  • 5/25/13 6:53 Majick:

    Yes, that was the one. And I have to ask, were you ever at a bare essentials event in king of Prussia, PA oh about 6-7 years ago? I met a BE Addict with your same first name. I know it’s a long shot but I had to ask.


    • 6/11/13 16:33 the Muse:

      mm not me?! ;-D sorry majick!


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