KATE Brightening Makeup Base for Cover Review & Swatches

KATE Brightening Makeup Base for Cover

KATE’s new nifty Brightening Makeup Base for Cover might be something to pick up if you suffer from duller skin and have a need for a brighter appearance.

This creamy yellow base can be used to prep with prior to foundation application and brightens up skin while easing dullness.

Take a peek!

KATE Brightening Makeup Base

KATE Brightening Makeup Base for Cover is a fairly common product that any number of Japanese brands put out. It’s a creamy shade of yellow-ish beige which promises to reduce the appearance of pores while evening and brightening skin tone. It also contains a little sunscreen in the form of SPF23 PA++.

This comes in a squeeze tube for easy dispensing. I actually have a slew of similiar products but this is one of the better bases I’ve tried. It’s a creamy texture that blends easily onto skin leaving behind a semi-matte finish for makeup to adhere to. I find it soaks up excess oil quite nicely and leaves skin with a semi-matte finish that allows my makeup to wear longer without fading. The thing I like about it is the fact that it eases dullness and creates a brighter appearance giving my lackluster some of its health back.

The natural finish allows skin to look even great without the extra addition of foundation or BB Cream application so if you want you can use it as a lightweight base of sorts with a little cheek stain for a no makeup look. I wouldn’t say it’ll completely conceal pores but it will blur the appearance of them so they look smaller after makeup application.

KATE Brightening Makeup Base for Cover Swatches

KATE Brightening Makeup Base Swatches

If you’re looking for a base that will absorb a little bit of oil if you have say combination skin and one that brightens skin while keeping makeup wearing longer I’d check this out. I really liked it a lot as it seems to provide my makeup with the boast it needs to look perfect!

Adambeauty.com carries it as well as a variety of online shops (not affiliated with this seller).



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  • 5/2/13 19:53 Pedro:

    Sorry for going off topic, but… Have you tried these super high end Asian brands like Sulwhasoo and Kanebo Sensai? Just curious!


    • 5/3/13 9:55 the Muse:

      i have not, those are far above my budget :) Most I’ve paid for a moisturizer is $130…most of the products from Sensai and Sulwahsoo are $250 and up. hehe def not on a celebrity skincare budget unfortunately ;-D


    • 5/3/13 10:21 Alanna:

      I’ve tried a sample kit from Sulwhasoo and after going through it I was very underwhelmed. Save your money, more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better haha


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