Lancome In Love Gloss for Summer 2013

Lancome In Love Gloss Summer 2013

Lancome In Love Gloss gets added to Lancome’s “In Love” Collection this Summer in an array of twelve delicious shades. As you know Lancome has already introduced an In Love Blush and In Love Balm for Spring 2013.

Needless to say I mentioned in my reviews of both those products how shocked I was at how expensive they were….

Well I do have a lemming for Lancome In Love Gloss but again, wow, I’m shocked at the price.

Have a peek!

Lancome In Love Gloss

Blink Pink, Glittermania, Pink Pamille

Lancome In Love Glosses

Under the Spotlight, Scarlette Starlette, Violette Paittete

Lancome In Love Lipgloss

Flash n Fuchsia, Peach Show, Pink Carat

Love In Love Lipglosses

Lily En Lame, Fizzy Rosie, Just Strauss

Ouch each In Love Gloss is a whooping $27. Chanel prices for Lancome products? I’m a little shocked. Anyone else?

If I can get over the price the six click to open package (how cool!) and promise of six hours of moisturizing color in a shiny formula has me one happy camper!

Now let’s see some promos with Emma Watson wearing these and I’ll surely love it even more.


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  • 5/22/13 10:11 Celine:

    That’s funny because I was a sucker at getting the lipstick seeing Emma wearing them. I’m a huge fan of the lipsticks, but I can justify paying $30 for lipstick, but not really for a lipgloss.


  • 5/22/13 11:46 Lulubelle:

    I’m convinced Lancome is so expensive to compensate for all their gift with purchases. Or at least, that’s how I rationalize paying the high prices, as I can point to the other 6 goodies I got and go “okay, I just spent $26 for one eye liner and $27 for a gloss but I also got…”


    • 5/22/13 11:47 the Muse:

      lol good logic!


  • 5/22/13 12:22 Cj:

    But they’re so pretty…. Must resist!


  • 5/22/13 18:30 kimmwc03:

    I bought one of these and I love it. It reminds me of glossimers.


  • 5/28/13 15:43 anne:

    I was just looking at these on the weekend. I bought violette coquette from the rouge in love line which i thought was expensive. and i wear lipsticks more so i feel like i can justify it lol….a gloss– hmm not really


  • 6/3/13 23:55 Liz:

    They look so pretty buy are out of my budget TT-TT


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