Lavshuca Aqua Drops Rouge Review & Swatches

Lavshuca Aqua Drops Rouge

Lavshuca Aqua Drops Rouge Lipstick was launched earlier in Winter 2012 I believe. Housed in a pink tin tube with a heart imprint on the tip these cute little lipsticks provide color and moisture with an almond oil infused formula.

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Lavshuca Aqua Drop Rouge

These are a heavier textured lipstick that quite remind me of a balm as they provide a good deal of moisture you wouldn’t typically get from a lipstick. Although heavy and not completely weightless on lips they still manage to wear quite comfortably whole offering a full color pay off.

On the single shade I tried (BE-1) I got full color pay off in a single stroke and was able to build color further for more intensity and vibrancy on lips. The pigment on a while is one of the more interesting benefits of the lipstick as one wouldn’t expect this much color from such a moisturizing lip product.

Lavshuca Aqua Drops Rouge Lipstick

Lavshuca Aqua Drops Rouge Swatches

The texture on on Aqua Drops Rouge quite reminds me of a lip balm consistency as it does make itself well known through the wear. Although heavy I find I can ignore it easily enough due to the moisture it provides so I’m not left feeling like I have a heavier lipstick formula in place that isn’t doing much for my lips. It does in fact provide excellent hydration through the wear and lips are left feeling very soft and supple well after it has worn away. The finish has a stunning glossiness that gives lips a full appearance. The lipstick seems to wear on me for a fair four hours but seems to sink into the finer, natural lines of my lips at around hour five which means I need to wipe it away and reapply less it looks less than fresh.

Overall, Lavshuca Aqua Drops Rouge provides great color, terrific moisture, and a super glossiness that can’t be beat. I really like this formula and would definitely urge you to check it out.

Lavshuca Aqua Drops Rouge FOTD (Not affiliated) as well as a wide range of retailers online sell these.

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  • 5/14/13 19:38 Tammie:

    Oooh, I was curious about these and held off…but now I think I have to get one @_@


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