Lavshuca Sweet Perfume Cheek Review & Swatches

Lavshuca Sweet Perfume Cheek Spring 2013

Lavshuca Sweet Perfume Cheek Blush was recently launched for Spring 2013 in four shades. Supposedly they smell like the scent of sweet lollipop. You’re probably think, “Oh that’s why she purchased it!” if so you either know me too well or that’s why you would have purchased it too.

Seriously, tell me, lollipop scented blusher, does that not kinda thrill you? I can’t be alone here. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

Take a look!

Lavshuca Sweet Perfume Cheek comes housed in a tiny ball with a ribboned powder puff for application. I’d like to be the logical one and say that the puff is cute but completely impractical. I can’t apply blush with this thing so it is in fact all for show. Just sayin’!

Lavshuca Sweet Perfume Cheeks

Inside you’ll find a loose powder blush scented not LIKE lollipops but kinda a fresh flower bouquet. I don’t typically like floral scents but this is very pleasant if not a little strong for the sensitive types out there. The scent disappears once applied though if that’s any help. I personally think the idea of a scented blush is rather fun.

The actual blush formula is lovely with a more subtle color pay off and a finely milled texture that applies and blends easily onto cheeks. It does have a shorter wear time and I find it starts fading at around hour four. I’m so used to wearing blush through my day for around 8 to 12 hours that it surprises me when I find a formula that wears away so fast.

Lavshuca Sweet Perfume Cheek

Lavshuca Sweet Perfume Cheek Swatches

Shade RD-1

Although a lovely little formula it’s not terribly special so I’m unsure if you absolutely need it or not. The only thing unique about it is the scent but the formula is an uneventful loose powder blush.

Lavshuca Sweet Perfume Cheek FOTD

If you want it because it’s cute and smells pretty, well, I can’t fault you there!

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  • 5/9/13 23:42 Miho Mallory:

    Gah after you posted about these earlier this year I’ve been excited to see what you had to say about them! I’m all about the gimmicky makeup and scented blush..? Yes. I really like the color you picked! I can never have too much blush.


    • 5/10/13 9:48 the Muse:

      hehe I hear ya total blush addict!


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