MAC Temperature Rising Swatches

MAC Temperature Rising Swatches

I can’t believe MAC Temperature Rising is releasing shortly. MAC Summer 2013 features some beautiful warm shades of colors! I’m even in love with the quads in this collection which is rare considering lately I’ve been sorely disappointed with some of MAC’s eyeshadows.

Take a look!

MAC Rich Glance Powerchrome Eye Pencils

Rich Glance

MAC Polished Jet Powerchrome Eye Pencil

Polished Jet

MAC Powerchrome Eye Pencils Swatches

Polished Jet and Rich Glance

MAC Temperature Rising Blush

MAC Temperature Rising Blush Swatches

Ripe for Love

MAC Temperature Rising Eye Shadow X 4 Quad

MAC Temperature Rising Eye Shadow X 4 Quad Swatches

Temperature Rising

MAC Temperature Rising Eye Shadow X 4

MAC Temperature Rising Eye Shadow X 4 Swatches
Bare my Soul

MAC Temperature Rising Lipglass


MAC Temperature Rising Lipglasses

Sheer Seduction

MAC Temperature Rising Lipglass Swatches

Sheer Seduction and Rhythm

MAC Temperature Rising Lipstick Swatches

MAC Temperature Rising Lipsticks Swatches

Sheer Seduction

I am absolutely in love with Ripe for Love Blush! You MUST pick it up! The quads so far seem really nice, I’m testing them out today so won’t have a review until later in the week. I will have a review upcoming for the lipglasses and lipstick shortly.

So far, I’m pretty darn pleased with the Temperature Rising Collection! It’s been a while since MAC wowed me but count me wow so far!

More to come shortly on this collection.

Do you see anything you’re loving?

  • 5/1/13 11:09 Ellen:

    ah I want the temperature rising quad. I’m a sucker for purples…I hope it’s good quality and mac doesn’t disappoint!


  • 5/1/13 11:12 Cj:

    Definitely gonna get the blush and maybe rich glance, any idea when this collection is dropping?


    • 5/1/13 12:44 the Muse:

      23rd on counter but prob earlier online my dear!


  • 5/1/13 11:46 Bree:

    So excited for this collection! I definitely want bare my soul and nude on board. I agree ripe for love is gorgeous but I feel like I already have enough similar shades. Hmm can’t decide on a lipglass they are all so pretty! Also loving polished jet.


  • 5/1/13 12:12 kimkats:

    Bare my Soul has my attention – but I’m trying to place which swatch is the blue-ish shade in the lower right hand side of the pans? Maybe it’s just my monitor, but I’m not seeing a blue-ish swatch? Is it the swatch on the far left? stupid monitor….


    • 5/1/13 12:46 the Muse:

      it’s actually a dark greenish teal called when in rio :) it’s kinda duochrome as it reflects brownish.


  • 5/1/13 15:05 kimkats:

    Daaaaaannnnngggggg…… that is really pretty. I think I must have this quad. Espcially since it’s going to freakin’ SNOW in the next 24 hours!!! I want some Temperture Rising!!! Jeeeeezzzzzz……


    • 5/1/13 15:10 the Muse:

      WTH!? wait where are you located again!?


      • 5/1/13 16:21 kimkats:

        Lincoln Nebraska. It’s gonna snow tonight and tomorrow apparently, then by Monday, supposed to be 70!! If we’re not all dead from pneumonia by this time next week, I’ll be surprised! 😀


        • 5/1/13 16:40 the Muse:

          jebus! what the heck! world gone mad! look out for zombies next!


  • 5/1/13 16:44 kimkats:

    *digs around frantically for extra ammo* Heeeeyyyy… Maybe they’ll just freeze out and I won’t have to deal with ’em! 😀


    • 5/1/13 16:47 the Muse:

      be careful of white walkers…those def won’t be frozen out ;D


  • 5/2/13 7:11 Joan:

    I will definitely be getting Ripe for Love as soon as it’s available on Mac’s website. Looks very pretty.


  • 5/2/13 11:37 Majick:

    Oh boy, I think I smell trouble on the horizon.


  • 5/3/13 14:11 HautePJ:

    Ripe for Love looks AMAZEBALLS. The quads look nice too, although they seem a little more cool toned for what I normally think of for a summer collection.


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