Mally Instant Erase Concealer Review & Swatches

Mally Instant Erase Concealer

Mally Beauty Instant Erase Concealer recently launched on QVC with a blending brush. I admit, the blending brush, it kinda sold me. Also the fact that I’m a huge concealer h0r! I owned and used Mally’s Cancellation Concealer Set for a very long time and it was my HG (holy grail) for literally ages thus that love led me to my purchase of Instant Erase Concealer recently.

If Instant Erase is as great as her Cancellation Concealer I was surely in for a treat!

Mally Instant Erase Concealer Set

Instant Erase Concealer ($35) is available in five shade selections and comes with a blending brush for application. Unfortunately after trying two shades I had very little success with it.

Mally promotes this as a long wearing concealer that can be used on your face as well as under your eyes and claims it was developed with subtle peach undertones to help even out skin tone.

This is in fact where the problem arises. After trying out both the light and medium shades I felt like the concealer was more of a corrector versus an actually concealer formula. The lighter shade had a strong yellow base and the medium a peach one. In my experience with concealer these types of undertones are typically reserved for a corrector product that will diffuse the look of dark circles, in this, it actually excels. I have very subtle dark circles and this does a fairly good job blurring the appearance of them and if you’re a more tanned or Mally skin type this will prove an excellent way to brighten up and diffuse the appearance of the darkness under your eyes. Unfortunately if you’re medium fair or paler these shades will NOT work for you.

Mally Instant Erase Concealer Light


Mally Instant Erase Concealer Medium


Mally Instant Erase Concealer Swatches

Light and Medium

On the down side it does very little to actually conceal issues under my eyes such as fine lines, puffiness, tiredness…I rely on concealer to conceal puffiness, finer lines, and to give my eyes a lift and a fresher look like I had eight hours of sleep when in fact I only had five. Unfortunately, this fails to do that.

Another issue is the formula….

This is a highly emollient formula which will either be very appealing to some or a nightmare for others. When I say emollient I’d liken it to a grease paint texture of sort which means it doesn’t glide as easily under eyes as I would like and means a little tugging is involved to get it into place. On the upside that emollient texture means it is virtually waterproof and wears quite long. But if you have drier skin or crepey skin this type of formula will prove a nightmare to apply. Once applied it wears well for me without creasing or fading as my day progresses.

It comes with a retractable blender brush for application which makes things a LITTLE easier to apply. However, the blending brush is faulty as it doesn’t retract once you swivel it up and it also fell off the handle while I was wrestling with the handle to swivel it down. The bristles are also very dense which means it does aid a little bit in application but does a rather patchy job of things so you’re better off using fingers versus this to blend.

Mally Instant Erase Concealer Blending Brush

Overall, Mally Instant Erase Concealer is a nightmare of a product. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoy many of Mally Beauty offerings sometimes things get a little sticky with her concealer products and this is one such item.

Skip it.

This isn’t worth your time.

Tried it?

Did love it?

I would like to hear your thoughts on this concealer!


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 5/8/13 7:19 Heather:

    Not worth the high price. Looks cheap too. I like some grease paint concealers but that brush and wand…no no’s


  • 5/8/13 10:42 Karen:

    I tried it in tan because that’s the shade I have used with her other concealers. Didn’t like it. It looked ok at first, then faded off after an hour. I purchased the Nars Creamy Concealer at the same time to try them alongside each other and the Nars won hands down! I do like Mally’s Age Rebel concealer though – she had it available under another name for awhile but I haven’t seen it lately. Works much better than this one!


    • 5/8/13 10:47 the Muse:

      hey karen…thankfully worn long for me but the colors and texture were awful :( unfortunately I loved the formula of nars but it was too sheer to conceal well :( le sigh!


  • 5/9/13 11:09 Jen:

    Wow. Thanks for such detail and frankness about this product. I wish you could test her products in stores (or if you can, I’ve never seen them), because a lot get rave reviews and others like this do not. It puts me off trying them. :(


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