Mark Color Me In Lip Crayon Review & Swatches

Mark is right on trend with their new Color Me In Lip Crayons. Chubby lip pencils have gotten a big push for Spring/Summer and the new Mark Color Me In Lip Crayon joins the ranks in three shades.

Mark Color Me In Lip Crayons

I think Mark loses a few points as each of these are $12. Ouch. I think of Mark as a lower end brand that should have prices competitive with the drugstore or perhaps a smidge higher. Considering Revlon, Covergirl, and a slew of other drugstore brands have their own version of these tinted lip crayons at a far lower price (especially during a sale), Mark cuts themselves out of the equation slightly as you might second guess splurging.


Price doesn’t account for quality. If they are amazing that would definitely make me lean towards dishing out that twelve bucks faster.

Are they?

Mark Color Me In Lip Crayon

And sadly they are not.

These are a skinnier pencil compared to the chubbier editions we are seeing lately. They aren’t a twist up design so you do need to sharpen them. This is a both great and not so great. Good because you can regain that precise point and tip not so great if you prefer the more mess free twist up design sans any icky, melt-y chunks of sharpener shavings.

The thinner design allows for an easier way to line and fill. Chubby pencils aren’t always easy to line with however, this smaller tip and size allows for easy lining. However, on the down side they don’t cover as much area as a chubbier point does so you’re going over your lips a few times to get coverage.

Mark Color Me In Lip Crayon Swatches

Punch Line, Honey Dip, Wine Bar

They are sheer to medium in the pigment department so they do offer fairly opaque coverage and not just a lighter tint. I didn’t particularly like the texture as they have a heavier more balm-y feel without any glossiness or shine but a hint of a sheen. On my lips they look a little dry….but they do feel quite moisturizing due to that balminess which keeps over the wear. Wear times vary but I get a solid three hours with moisture through that time.

Mark Color Me In Lip Crayon Honey Dip

Mark Honey Dip Color Me In Lip Crayon

Honey Dip

Mark Color Me In Lip Crayon Wine Bar

Mark Wine Bar Color Me In Lip Crayon

Wine Bar

Mark Color Me In Lip Crayon Punch Line

Mark Punch Line Color Me In Lip Crayon

Punch Line

In the end….I wasn’t terribly impressed. I think the price point and the quality of the formula just didn’t meet up for me. I’ve tried better unfortunately. There isn’t any one thing I can point and say I dislike about them…but comparing them to other formulas I find they are lacking…a little too heavy, the colors aren’t particularly flattering or unique, the texture just feels odd on my lips and sits there, shouting, “How you doing?”


I don’t think you need ’em!

Tried ’em?

Do share your thoughts!


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  • 5/3/13 15:13 Deb:

    Is it just me or have all of the Mark prices gotten a little “big for their britches” lately? Old southern saying. I was shopping Avon recently for some basics and I just happened to notice that Mark has gotten a little expensive for what they are. Wonder if it has anything to do with the celebrity endorsement campaign. Not that I would call Ashley what’s her name a big celebrity but I did notice that’s when they seemed to start raising prices. Speaking of Avon, I have a bone to pick with you Muse :) I ordered two of their Shine Attract lippies and one of the Totally Kissable. I know you love Avon lippies and you raved about them but of the three I ordered, not a single one had any pigment. Zero. Just showed up nice and shiny and clear. Formula feels great but WTF did they do with the pigment? I’m really just messing with you, I don’t blame you at all. But I was seriously confused as to why they were so clear. Your swatches were so nice. Oh well, maybe I just need to try some different colors. Happy Friday!


    • 5/3/13 15:17 the Muse:

      it’s kinda always been on the shade of high but yes, lately it kinda crept slowly upwards. I’m kinda always surprised when I see their prices especially since they are an extension of Avon. you’re kidding!? Totally Kissable had tons of pigment for me. Shine Attract just wasn’t happening…I gave them a poor review. Totally Kissable were incredibly pigmented for me……! sorry :( <—-


      • 5/3/13 16:30 Deb:

        Nothing to be sorry for, I guess I just chose the wrong shade. But yeah, sadly, zero pigment. I actually like the shine attract formula, it’s very moisturizing for me. Just gonna use it as a lip balm. Like you’ve said, never can have too many lip balms :)


        • 5/6/13 16:24 the Muse:

          amen sis 😀


    • 5/3/13 16:27 hamster:

      I got a lipstick from Avon last month that didn’t match the shade in the catalog at all. I whinged to their DearAvon email address and they refunded my money on the spot. I didn’t even have to ship it back. It was a very pleasant customer service experience.


  • 9/20/13 15:49 JerzJanine:

    I bought the Mark. lip crayon on clearance for 4.99 on clearance and I’m not liking that I have to sharpen it at all – considering I don’t have a sharpner is really why. BUT I do love the Covergirl Lip Perfection lip balm crayon in a deep plum color and I love it! Heck if I can remember how much it was but I love it! The lip crayon is def my new fav lip enhancer :)


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