Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel Review & Swatches

Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel Spring 2013

Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel has gotten its fair share of raves upon its release in Japan earlier this Spring. I really liked the original Maybelline Pure BB Mineral formula so I curious about BB Watergel formula.

I’m glad curiosity got the better of me as I really like this.

Take a look!

Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel

Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel is available in two shades and supposedly contains eight kinds of minerals that condition skin while creating a natural, healthy appearance while protecting skin with an SPF 35 PA+++.

I purchased the Light shade which was a perfect match for my skin. This is a lighter beige shade with beige undertones. This comes in a smaller squeeze tube at around 30ML in size.

I don’t typically like watergel style formulas however, this is quite lovely. It’s a gel-like consistency with a very hydrating formula that goes a bit runny and watery upon contact with skin (it kinda forms little water drops as you apply it and blend out). It isn’t sticky or tacky and leaves a dewy to the touch finish on skin providing lovely hydration without looking shiny or oily. It absorbs really quickly and provides very minimal coverage.

Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel Swatches

Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel Swatches Blended

This is the type of product you might wish to use to correct or use as a base. OR if you already have fairly good skin you can use it for lightweight coverage to even out skin tone but not to hide major skin issues you might have. I like how it restores a more healthy look to my duller skin and gives the appearance of a no makeup look. The wear time is a little shorter unfortunately due to the water content in the formula so expect to touch up often throughout the day.

Considering my skin is drier this is ideal as it feels like it allows my skin to retain moisture through the day and keeps my skin fresh yet still it remains light enough to work well on oily skin without creating unnecessary shine or oil!

Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel has a few quirks but deserves the raves it is getting on beauty blogs in Japan, Singapore, etc…are deserves as it’s quite a lovely formula. If you don’t mind the lack of coverage and the shorter wear time this is a hydrating tinted moisturizer of sorts that’s ideal for Summer wear.

It’s available via a variety of online shops and also sells it.

Anyone try/use it?

Do share!


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by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 5/15/13 13:30 crotchfairy:

    I don’t really know where to put this comment. Not sure if should email you or whatnot, but I bought the Guerlain BB cream in Light along with meteorites on Monday. OK, I also bought some By Killian and Jo Malone perfume. Skincare, lip products, perfume and nail polish are my weakness. I look and feel like a million bucks when I wear the guerlain bb cream, meteorites, a julie’s lip tint and any of my new perfumes. I feel energized and sexy today despite the constant rain outside. So I just wanted to say, sometimes splurges are just as nice as a spa day.


    • 5/15/13 13:32 the Muse:

      aw crotch best comment every and happy to hear it!!!! ;-D Splurging def puts me in a great mood too ;-D happy to hear you’re loving on the Guerlain BB Cream ;-D which Jo Malone perfume did you snag? πŸ˜€


  • 5/15/13 13:57 crotchfairy:

    White Jasmine and Mint. I was given samples of Nectarine Blossom and honey and instructed to layer the scents. Holy Tony Moly, I smell heavenly.


    • 5/15/13 14:02 the Muse:

      god I love mint ;-D her scents layer very well together ;-D


  • 5/15/13 13:58 Cj:

    I tried a moisturizer one time… It was so strange it was a gel and when you rubbed it in it formed drops of water all over your face. I wish I could remember what it was…


  • 5/15/13 14:16 Anza Qureshi:

    AH MUSE <3 I've been seeing this on Maybelline Singapores fan page for so long, and since I'm going there I was wondering if this was any good. IS nice. But I have a Clear Smooth BB white version of this that looks just like that except mildly better coverage and a HUGE SPF 50. So thank you for clearing the confusion out for me but I'll still try it out. It seems so refreshing looking :3


    • 5/15/13 14:19 the Muse:

      anza I know the version you mean! Yeah, the formula is different πŸ˜€ and the SPF is WAY nicer ;-D this is nice lightweight coverage but VERY sheer!


  • 5/15/13 14:46 kimkats:

    So – do you think this will make its way to the states, or will we have to sit on the sidelines and whine about another good product that isn’t readily available to us? πŸ˜€


    • 6/11/13 16:37 the Muse:

      aw i doubt it :( one can wish though!? πŸ˜€


  • 5/15/13 21:19 Devin:

    will this be coming to the US at any time?


    • 5/16/13 9:42 the Muse:

      devin the original never did so I suspect this won’t either unfortunately


  • 5/16/13 0:31 Fiona:

    Where can you buy this?


    • 5/16/13 8:06 the Muse:

      mentioned in the post fiona hope this helps!


  • 5/16/13 2:27 Anza Qureshi:

    Yeah. I know being teenaged means looking fresh and all but I have black acne scars on rather pale skin (“._.) so THAT sheer? Doesn’t cut it for me. I need a slight bit more coverage to even out skin tone and make the harsh scars look lighter. So whitening, brightening and better coverage from a BB I require. Have you got the Clear Smooth White Version?! πŸ˜€ DUDE YOU SHOULD TOTALLY TRY THE BB STICK TOO! Its actually quite nice. ^_^


    • 5/16/13 12:46 the Muse:

      unfortunately it would be too shear to cover black acne scares ;( sorry! Will have to add to my list :)


  • 5/16/13 4:29 Heather:

    wow such light coverage. I wish my skin was good enough to wear this type of coverage.


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