Missha Hot Burning Body Gel for Summer 2013

Missha Hot Burning Body Gel

Burn baby burn with the new Missha Hot Burning Body Gel my dears. Hot Burning Body Gels are pretty damn common in Asia and most all brands make some variation of ’em.

We haven’t quite caught on to the trend here in the US but the idea of them kinda cracks me up. I think Bliss makes a shaping gel of some sort don’t they?

Well for Summer Missha says goodbye to cellulite and hello to firmer skin with their new Hot Burning Body Gel!

Take a peek!

Missha Hot Burning Body Gel is a shaping and firming formula which supposedly smooths fat and cellulite areas on your body. It’s a gel which can be massaged anywhere on skin that you need smoothing. It has a cooling sensation that quickly heats up as you apply. Basically it’s the equivalent of Icy Hot for your cellulite.

Missha Hot Burning Body Gel Summer 2013

Missha recommends using it during your exercise regime to maximize the benefits of the gel. It actually makes me sweat something fierce when I use it during a treadmill session (avoid contact with water one hour after application).

It contains Bitter Orange Extract which gets rid of excess water in the body and caffeine to firm skin while menthol relaxes skin and cools it and Capsaicin heats.

I dunno if my fatty areas are any smoother using it but the idea delights me for some reason. If you have sensitive skin be careful, the experience can be intense.

It’s available now at www.misshaus.com


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  • 5/29/13 11:59 Cindy Ramirez:

    You totally should have had NSFW in the header ;]

    Products that heat up freak me out. I had bad experiences with products that heat up, but that’s a story that is also NSFW!


    • 5/29/13 12:05 the Muse:

      lol it wasn’t that bad was it!? ;-D same here…I had a nasty fall in Chicago year or so ago and I applied some sort of bengay to the side my leg and OMG I felt like I was going to itch my skin off!


  • 5/29/13 12:55 Cindy Ramirez:

    I could imagine someone’s co-worker looking over their shoulder or cubicle wall and seeing that image saying “hot burning” with a sexy lady and not understand that it was a beauty product. I know if I was that nosy co-worker I would totally take the perverted route.


    • 5/29/13 12:58 the Muse:

      hm ok realized I’d take the perverted route too lol!


      • 5/29/13 14:13 Cindy Ramirez:

        Hehehe of course you would!


        • 5/29/13 14:14 the Muse:

          it’s def an issue with the yoast plugin, thing hates me!


  • 5/29/13 13:03 Eva:

    It’s hot! Used it for three weeks, I feel it makes my skin more compact and smooth.


  • 5/29/13 13:56 lilo:

    kinda reminds me of soap and glory new product “sit tight” that works when sitting or something but produces the burning feeling lol


  • 5/29/13 14:12 B lee:

    Oh, Muse I need that in the winter. Something that makes me hot. LOL 😀 Ill be rubbing it on my hands, feet, nose, and toes. *silly me*


    • 5/29/13 14:13 the Muse:

      lol blee I hear ya….my feet especially! I always have cold feet!


  • 5/30/13 22:43 dia:

    Do you think the “smoothing” action would have any effect on stretch marks? I’ve never tried a product like this before.


    • 5/31/13 9:19 the Muse:

      i doubt it dia….but you can try!? :) ya never know!


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