Missha Leau de Missha Not Over You Eau de Parfum Review

Missha Leau de Missha Not Over You Eau de Parfum

Missha Not Over You is one of six fragrances in the Leau de Missha Eau de Parfum Collection. Typically Asian brands do a lot of powder-y scents with rose as a main note. I dub them eau de toilet paper because many smell like Charmin. Sorry…but it is true.

Missha is one of the few brands that actually develop complex wearable fragrances that are FAR from eau de Charmin smelling.

Let’s take a look at Not Over You!

Housed in a sparkly light aqua bottle Missha makes a statement with this light yet fresh woodsy fragrance.

Missha Not Over You Eau de Parfum ($39) quite reminds me of a more complex, heavier version of D&G Light Blue. Although it contains top notes of fruit like apple, lemon, and lime, it’s the middle and base notes that round the fragrance up into a more woodsy floral.

Missha Leau de Missha Not Over You

Amber plays an important role in the dry down as it wraps around floral notes such as Rose, Lily, and Jasmine creating a soft yet woodsy blend that’s perfect for evenings out. The scent contains white musk as well and this also plays a dominate role in the dry down.

If you like more complex floral fragrances you should get on well with Not Over You.

It’s available now at www.misshaus.com

Do you have any Missha favs?

Tried any of their fragrances?

Do share!


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  • 5/23/13 10:40 Sahara:

    Eau de Toilet Paper! *chuckles childishly* Lol I think I can re-name a few that I own…


    • 5/23/13 10:41 the Muse:

      hehe ;-D


  • 5/23/13 12:24 Tansy:

    Please review the Innisfree pot rouges!!!


  • 5/23/13 15:01 Cleo:

    I may look into this. I love Light Blue, I just hate that it doesn’t last, like at all. I was really really hoping it was similar.


    • 5/23/13 15:04 the Muse:

      light blue doesn’t last on me either celo, don’t feel bad, this has better throw/linger…scent is deeper.


  • 5/23/13 16:03 Karena:

    Eau de Charmin!!! UGH!! LOL :-)


  • 5/23/13 16:07 melissa:

    eau de charming = eau de yuck LOL That made me giggle because I recently opened the skin79 oil cleanser and it totally has that charmin smell. Thanks for the review here :)


    • 5/23/13 16:14 the Muse:

      lol missha has an oil cleanser that def takes on eau de charmin as well! ugh…also etude house used to have these foaming bubble oils that smelled AWFUL! ugh old lady grandma smell!


  • 5/23/13 16:23 Icaria:

    Hmm interesting! Eau de Charmin does not appeal to me, reminds me that my aunt recently had this little spray “fragrance” in her handbag. Obviously she didn’t have her glasses on since it was actually toilet refresher… that she had just sprayed on herself! :/


    • 5/23/13 16:30 the Muse:

      no freaking way! lol


  • 5/23/13 20:58 Debster:

    I bought So Into You, and got the Stay Beside Me & Always Be Mine kit (with the dreamy piccies). I hadn’t tried So Into You yet, but the other 2 I have are definitely intense, and are more ‘mature’ from the fruity/light scents I normally gravitate towards.


  • 5/25/13 22:30 Kelly:

    I think I might give this one a try. Do you think it is suitable for day wear. I want a florally one for work.


    • 6/10/13 16:11 the Muse:

      should be fine for work kelly! :) it’s a nice soft floral!


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