Philosophy Hope In A Jar A To Z Cream for Summer 2013

Philosophy Hope In A Jar A To Z Cream

Is it Philosophy BB Cream? Or Philosophy CC Cream? Naa it’s Philosophy Hope In A Jar A To Z Cream! Screw CC, BB, DD creams…Philosophy just covers the alphabet with their new A to Z Cream.

I admit it, I laughed.

Seriously, don’t tell me you didn’t giggle just a little? Hope In A Jar A To Z Cream? Seriously? That’s freaking awesome. They just covered the entire alphabet in one cream.

You ROCK! \m/!

Philosophy Hope In A Jar A To Z Cream $38 is essential a BB Cream and it’s available in three shades for Summer 2013 (Light, Medium, and Tan).

All the benefits of Hope in a Jar (but hopefully not the wet dog smell) is unleashed in Philosophy’s new multitasking A to Z Cream that acts as a one step complexion perfecter that primes, protects (SPF 20), moisturizers, and offers a hint of tint to skin!

Philosophy recently launched a BB Cream in the UK but this appears a different formula…?

Curious minds.

What do you think?

It’s available now at

  • 5/20/13 11:34 Cj:

    Oh my god I can’t even. *takes a break from cosmetics* call me when this fad is over


    • 5/20/13 11:40 the Muse:



  • 5/20/13 12:07 Kira:

    A to Z LOL This sounds interesting 😀


  • 5/20/13 12:30 Nicoco Chanel:

    I cannot.

    /laughing forever.


  • 5/20/13 12:51 annette:

    i think these alphabet creams are going to get a bad rap like mascaras. claiming they do everything. haha


  • 5/20/13 13:02 Becky:

    Totally LOL! They’re like BAM! we’ve GOT this market! Covered! Hahaha


  • 5/20/13 13:22 deliah:

    aaaand we’re done. I am officially never going near any of these alphabet products. I believe in the DD cream thread it was Cj who said “FF UU”. I lived in Korea. I might pay attention when a real BB cream hits the market over here, though I’ll probably be too fed up to even notice it.


  • 5/20/13 14:06 amy:

    If this is paraben-free, I’ll be willing to give it a try. However, since every Philosophy product I’ve ever picked up is *loaded* with ingredients I try my best to stay away from (although not always 100% possible), I doubt I’ll ever pick this up…


  • 5/20/13 15:41 Kimmwc03:

    I laughed too, Muse.


    • 5/20/13 15:41 the Muse:
  • 5/20/13 17:55 BeautyMaven:

    BAHAHHAA I just read about the DD cream and was like “Really guys!?” then saw this post!!!!! How funny, philosophy!! I tip my hat to you, hahaha. Love it!


  • 5/20/13 20:07 melissa:

    there was a joke somewhere about an abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz cream LOL. I guess this is the abbreviated formula. I might try it. Love philosophy so we’ll see. I’m on a total no-joke no-makeup buy until I move next month but thats ok. Lots of places to buy philosophy in las vegas.


  • 5/21/13 6:33 Barb:

    before I opened this up I just read about a DD cream and was like WTH?? so yes snickered a tad at A-Z…. I also hate the scent of Hope in a Jar but do love their “scents” of humour :)


  • 5/21/13 11:02 Ashley:

    Ya know, I’m a little tired of all these BB, CC, DD, etc creams but I love Philosophy and am seriously considering getting this. Will you be reviewing it? Because your opinion is highly regarded with me 😉


    • 5/21/13 11:07 the Muse:

      very flattered thank you! and yes, absolutely will!


  • 5/21/13 19:29 Rose:

    I love the FF UU one. I wonder how long before I can get an IOU cream that’ll pay out all the broken promises.


  • 6/25/13 11:17 Anna:

    I just bought this cream yesterday in search of a perfect “BB” or “CC” cream for my summer tanned mug with oily, acne prone 37 yr old face.. I love it and a little goes a long way. It’s not too matte.. Too shiny.. Absorbs quickly but still feels moisturized. I love most of their line.


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