Skin Food Facial Water Vita-C Mist Review

Skin Food Facial Water Vita-C Mist

Yes, there’s another version of Skin Food Facial Water Vita Mist. I’ve already reviewed A and B for you so Skin Food Facial Vita-C Mist is next up and I promise the very last of the Vita Mist series.


I generally love facial mists and these have been a staple of my daily AM and PM skincare regime as of late. Plus with Summer here I’ll probably make even more use of them as I tend to over do facial mist in the warmer weather.

Take a peek!

Skin Food Facial Water Vita-C Mist is an energizing mix of Alaska glacier water and a hydrating Vita C complex according to the brand. Seriously, I have my doubts that this contains Alaska glacier water….

It also contains Vitamin C enriched berries such as acai, raspberry, cranberry and strawberry.

Skin Food Facial Water Vita C Mist

This is a fine mist spray you can use prior to applying any of your other skincare or makeup. I typically mist it after my shower or in the evening prior to my skincare. I wouldn’t set your makeup with this as the mist is a little too moisturizing.

I haven’t notice many major differences in the three formulas of A, B, and C outside of the scents. In this case the Vita-C has the typical citrus-y sweet scent that many Skin Food products have.

The mist aren’t overly moisturizing but provide just enough hydration that my moisturizer absorbs easily into my skin!

It’s a basic facial mist but if you adore facial mists you’re bound to love it as I do.

I got mine from

Anyone try these?


Do share!

Which facial mist do you currently use?


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  • 5/30/13 14:05 Lulubelle:

    My favorite facial mist is Rosehip Tonique by Eminence. I’m about to run out of it, and it’s pricey. I just bought 2 facial mists from The All Natural Face to try out, more as a setting spray for mineral makeup.


    • 5/31/13 10:01 the Muse:

      never tried it lulu! gonna look it up!


  • 6/4/13 15:02 Jeannean:

    Do you have a favorite facial mist?


  • 6/8/13 4:46 bebe:

    I love Dabur Gulabari (rose) Face Freshener..very hydrating, and it smells just like the McCartney rose at BBG. I also like your Juju White Peach Whitening Mist along with Haruhada’s Collagen Lotion. ;-D


  • 6/8/13 21:29 bebe:

    I love Dabur Gulabari Face Freshener…it’s very hydrating, and it smells just like the McCartney rose at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I also like your JuJu White Peach Skin Whitening Mist as well as Haruhada’s Collagen Skin lotion. 😉


    • 6/10/13 11:26 the Muse:

      you’re fine bebe no worries about posting twice 😀 I love the Juju Peach one 😀 I haven’t tried the Dabur one sounds lovely ;-D


  • 6/8/13 21:31 bebe:

    Oh, Muse I’m so sorry I posted twice..I thought the first one didn’t go through. Apologies.


  • 9/7/13 11:48 Burcidi:

    Okay, so what is the order of skin care when a facial mist is included?

    Is it– cleanser, toner, facial mist, essence, serum, cream?


  • 7/29/15 7:06 maria:

    Wer can i get this


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