The Face Chart by Dustin Hunter

When my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up at the age of five I said, “An artist”….when they asked me again when I was eight the reply was the same….and this continued for most of my youth.

Unfortunately, outside of stick figures, I cannot draw, paint, etc…I have virtually no artistic talents. Nada…nothing…it’s kinda hard being an artist when you can’t get past those blasted stick figures.

But a rare few of us have that special talent, one of those people happens to be Dustin Hunter. I share a love of makeup and beauty (as well as 80’s soapy mini series) with Dustin but NONE of his talent.

He created the Face Chart to brush up your artistic talents for not only pros but for everyone.

The Face Chart are simply blank face sheets which you can use to apply makeup to aiding you in creating new looks or even for practicing on.

Pros can use these as guides in a runway show, stage, or film productions or to practice their techniques. Everyone else, like me, can use them as to polish up their skills or create a new look on paper prior to trying it out on your own face! It’s a great way to get in some practice for makeup application and make just make you into the artist you aren’t!

They are available in a 25 or 100 pack at

And hey, I probably need them if it improves my makeup skills to the point I’m as good as application as Dustin is.

  • 5/23/13 14:50 Miss D:

    I may need these to remember how I created a look. Do you have the same problem I have Muse? You do your makeup great one day and, weeks down the road, you want to recreate it and can’t remember everything you did? These may come in handy for that. :)


    • 5/23/13 14:51 the Muse:

      omg you are incredible I never thought about using them that way. great idea! and yes that’s happened to me MILLIONS of times ;-D I look back on my blog, see something I did and really want to recreate it but can’t remember the lip color I used, blush, eyeshadow, etc…! what a fab idea Miss D!


  • 5/24/13 14:54 Miss D:

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