Y.E.T Break BB Water Drop Review & Swatches

Y.E.T Break BB Water Drop BB Cream

I recently purchased Y.E.T Break BB Water Drop on a whim when I snatched up some of Y.E.T’s Blushes and Skincare products. This was a poor purchase on my part as I HATE Water Drop BB Cream style products.

Anyone with me?

They are always so terribly runny and watery and just ugh…!

I had hopes this would prove different.

Take a look!

Y.E.T Break BB Water Drop

Y.E.T Break BB Water Drop isn’t a BB Cream formula by any means but more of a lightweight foundation. This comes in two shades, I purchased Natural Beige, the darker of the two colors.

One of my favorite BB Creams from Korean brand Jadilla D used to be almost the same color as this product. It’s a gray based whitening shade so I would warn you if you dislike whitening BB Creams to avoid this color (I’m unsure how the lighter shade looks but I imagine it too is gray based).

Y.E.T Break BB Water Drop Swatches

Y.E.T Break BB Water Drop Swatches 1

This comes in a pump style bottle with that very cute yet mad at you Y.E.T girl on the bottle. I admit the packaging totally cracks me up as these girls are like the anti-Benefit girls…they look like they are having such a fuzzed up day.

This is complete and utter water…! It’s a water based formula and has a very runny, watery texture. I’d recommend shaking the bottle several times so the pigment and the base mix well. I’d also recommend being VERY careful when dispensing as it tends to SHOOT out of the bottle and ends up everywhere. I still haven’t gotten a handle on how to pump it out without making a mess. On some levels the cool, refreshing feel and watery texture quite remind me of Dr Jart’s Dew Drop BB Cream although Dr. Jart is far thicker and a little less runny.

It blends fairly easily and feels quite moisturizing with a dewy to the touch finish however, it offers very little coverage. I just feel like I’m rubbing water around on my face versus an actual base product. It evens out skin tone and does a fairly good job brightening up my face however, if you have blemishes and such to conceal this won’t do the trick. It also wears a very short time due to the hydrating formula.

All in all if you LIKE water based BB bases like this (there are any number of them available and most have a similiar consistences and formulas) you might just enjoy Y.E.T Break BB Water Drop. I personally dislike formulas like this so I wasn’t entirely impressed unfortunately. I’d rather recommend you just buy a nice creamy BB Cream and call it a day.

I got this off E-bay seller F2PLUS1 (not affiliated) for $12.


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 5/8/13 20:39 Miss_Silk:

    UUUUGGGHHHH….I hate BB creams like that….they just don’t sink into your skin, also the fact that when your blending it into your skin..it moves around. This definitely reminds me of my number one hated BB Cream….

    Skin79 Dream Girls BB Cream…which is supposed to be like…BB cream for teens or beginners and I thought from other reviews that it oxidizes and becomes darker (I’m a bit on the tan side) so I thought that it would work for me…BUT NO…it just…rolls off my face and when I can manage to blend it in somehow….it becomes clear….its not even sheer…its plainly clear aaaaahhhh TT


  • 5/11/13 1:49 Trillium:

    Lol I think the packaging scares me! 😉


  • 5/29/13 5:56 synthia:

    Hi, if you not going to use that can you sell that to me with cheaper price? I just found out about this brand and want to try this product, but since I’m crazy about BB and still have stocks I don’t want to buy one on full price. I don’t think it will easy to find sample for this brand since its a new brand. Thanks ^__^


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