Avon Fiji Paradise All Over Face Powder Review & Swatches

Avon Fiji Paradise All Over Face Powder Summer 2013

The new Avon Fiji Paradise All Over Face Powder makes applying your blush and bronzer a snap. This ombre shaded blush adds a touch of a sunny glow to cheeks and face with a fine shimmery finish that’s quite lovely.

I remember when Avon introduced a series of graduating ombre blushes from Jill Dempsey many moons ago. I loved those blushes so when I recently noticed the Avon Fiji Paradise All Over Face Powder launched I instantly wanted to check it out.

Take a look!

Avon Fiji Paradise All Over Face Powder ($7.99) is a soft sunset face powder slash blush slash bronzer. The powder is a soft delicate sunset peach that graduates into a softer shimmering tan bronzer. It’s kinda like having the benefit of your blush and bronzer in a single powder.

Don’t let the bronzer part worry you especially if you’re like me and not a huge fan of them as it applies as a softer glowing peach. This has a subtle shimmer that gives cheeks a touch of sheen but not a full on sparkle mess so no worries. The texture is soft, silky, and very easy to blend. Wear time varies but it seems to fade at around hour four for me in warmer or cooler weather.

In comes in a clear black compact that features a hibiscus print on the front just like the eyeshadow palette I reviewed from the same collection earlier this morning!

Avon Fiji Paradise All Over Face Powder1

Avon Fiji Paradise All Over Face Powder Swatches

Avon Fiji Paradise All Over Face Powder FOTD

If you’re looking for a pretty sunlit island glow the Avon Fiji Paradise All Over Face Powder is worth a pick up!

It’s available online at Avon’s website.

Muse Approved.

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  • 6/19/13 19:59 Robin:

    Thank you! Looks like a golden peach. Placing order as soon as my Avon lady starts campaign 14. Totally Kissable will be on a great sale! This will be on my order!


  • 6/20/13 0:39 Phyrra:

    Aww pretty on you!


    • 6/20/13 9:27 the Muse:

      mwah thanks!


  • 6/20/13 3:11 Danii:

    I really hate when companies call these types of products “all over face powder.” Wouldn’t it look unusual due to the color?


    • 6/20/13 9:25 the Muse:

      TRUE! I concur!


  • 6/20/13 15:05 Karena:

    Wow!! Looks gorgeous on you!! I **RUN** from bronzers, but I love the shade a swirl produces here. Thanks for sharing!!!


    • 6/20/13 15:52 the Muse:

      my pleasure :) thanks!!!!!!!


  • 6/21/13 16:10 lil’eve:

    i thought about buying this one because of the color and i was right. It looks beautiful on you!!! Im starting to see the ombre trend even on makeup too and the package if pretty attractive for avon.


  • 5/15/14 23:24 Lorelei:

    would you say this could be a pretty high cheekbone highlight if used soft-handed?


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