Bobbi Brown Navy and Nude Eyeshadow Palette

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Bobbi Brown has a new Navy and Nude Eyeshadow Palette for those who embrace blue. It’s not like Bobbi hasn’t done denims before but this is a nice combo of dark sultry blues mixed with naturals.

I admit, blue isn’t my best shade since I got older but being obsessed with all things Bobbi Brown I kinda want this!

Bobbi Brown Navy and Nude Eyeshadow Palette ($60) is available at both and Macys.

This palette includes:

  • Ivory (creamy white)
  • Cement (gray beige)
  • Blazing Star (light gold sparkle)
  • Beige (cool beige)
  • Twilight Pink (warm shimmering pink)
  • Naked (warm nude)
  • Slate (gray shade)
  • Rich Navy (rich navy blue)

I’m dreaming of the day I’ll be able to use navy eyeshadow without looking like someone punched me in the eye. That day will come….just not today probably or next week…


Love it?



  • 6/12/13 19:13 Mary Beth:

    But there’s only one actual blue shade in the palette, right? I think I might pass on this one. I love Bobbi, but her neutral palettes are so redundant sometimes.


  • 6/12/13 20:55 T:

    Ooohhh Shoot me now. I’m going to buy this (like I really need to stop buying palettes). I like to use Navy Blue to line my eyes. For some reason it really brings out the brown in my eyes. Maybe that’s one way to use the blue shadow without looking like you have a black eye?


  • 6/12/13 21:39 amy:

    Use navy blue as a liner, or just in the crease, until you get comfortable with it, then gradually expand. I always thought of it as a more “mature” shade, but I’ve been drawn to it lately. Maybe because I’m nearing 40? My most recent acquisitions were NARS China Blue & Brumes, and now I’m lemming Mandchourie. I also picked up KvD Ladybird, and have been using the navy blue quite a bit. It’s a bit out of my comfort zone, but it does look amazing with dark brown eyes!


  • 6/12/13 22:15 TrishB:

    Gotta say that Bobbi’s been saving me some money lately. First, I have all of the colors and brushes in yesterday’s TSV AND the colors in the fall shipment. Now it turns out that I already own 6 out of the 8 colors in this palette. Hmm, maybe that’s just a sign that I really do need the Seapearls stuff.


  • 6/13/13 6:14 chris:

    i love the ideas, only – for repeat buyers, what keeps me from buying a single navy BB shade to go with my several other nude palettes?? I am sure this navy looks different with every other shade there is, but to give an incentive for long time customers, she should have done this differently.. The tortoise palette, THAT was exciting also for regular customers..


  • 6/13/13 19:16 Joy:

    I suppose I should like navy because I’m (cough)mature(cough) but I don’t. Navy is sooo… bleurgh. I feel like there’s only so many ways to riff on navy so if you have one you kinda have them all. Taupe on the other hand, I completely adore. I’ve never met a taupe I didn’t like. I must have all the taupes! All. The. Taupes. Loving “Cement” and I could always use “Naked”. I would rather get singles though.


  • 6/14/13 8:11 Scorpios:

    I bought this from Macy’s because of the free shipping; it’s due to arrive by end of day today. Since I already have her Neon and Nude eye shadow pallete, I was tempted to only buy a navy liner and roll with it. However, once I saw the pallete demonstrated on QVC, I had to have it. I will be using the blue as a liner and since I have blue eyes I’m hoping it looks good.


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