Bobbi Brown Summer Essentials QVC Today’s Special Value for June

Bobbi Brown Summer Essentials QVC Today's Special Value for June
The new Bobbi Brown 7 Piece Summer Essentials June Today’s Special Value airs tomorrow on QVC but you can already start ordering this set.

Take a look!

The Bobbi Brown Summer Essentials 7 Piece Set Includes:

  • Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Twilight Night Shimmer Ink
  • Rich Lip Color in Nude Rose
  • Shimmer Brick in Wild Rose
  • Foundation Stick in your shade choice
  • Extreme Party Mascara in Black
  • Mini Blender Brush
  • Mini Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush

The foundation stick is available in six shades and there will be a how to get the look guide included with the set.

You can order this set as a one time shipment or you can go with the auto delivery that will include new seasonal shades in October as a second shipment at the same price of $69.98.

I don’t yet have info about the secondary shipments shades but will update when I do.

This is available now at and premieres live on QVC tomorrow.

  • 6/10/13 13:57 Abbey:

    I’m actually pretty interested in this one. I have never tried Bobbi Brown (crazy considering all the brands I have tried) and this seems like a good set to get my toes wet!


  • 6/10/13 14:55 Sara Elisabeth:

    Hi Muse!

    I saw your post for the shimmer brick. I’m nc20 in MAC. Would that shimmer brick still work as a highlight on lighter skin?


    • 6/10/13 15:05 the Muse:

      I’m not really sure sara…could be a bit too much rose on fairer skin. having never seen what you look like kinda hard to say if it will or won’t work on a certain skin tone :-/ depends on redness you might have in your cheeks as this is pigmented.


  • 6/10/13 15:11 Jen_m_sunshine:

    This set looks interesting as really like her foundation stick. On a QVC side note – 5 easy payments available today which is nice if others are interested in some beauty items non TSV related! I am picking up a few items as the easy pay makes it nice to spread the cost over a few months so I stay within beauty budget imposed by the husband. :-)


  • 6/10/13 15:21 Robin:

    Yep! I ordered the new foundation by Ashunta Sheriff today, Emagine epilator (never used one before so this could prove interesting, and ankle boots!!!! Evil pay is good! 😀


  • 6/10/13 15:23 Robin:

    Hi, you make want to look at the Lilac Rose. I have very fair skin and I like this one. Very soft and natural looking. I plan on watching the TSV tonight to see how the Wild Rose looks. I may pass on the TSV and just stick with my Lilac Rose brick.


  • 6/10/13 15:31 Jen_m_sunshine:

    I am trying to look and see if there are any concealers I want to try – have a good under eye so looking more so for one for face/redness. May have to give the IT one a try but not sure if that’s more for under eye…..


    • 6/10/13 20:10 Robin:

      IT Under eye can be used as under eye or full face concealer. Her Bye Bye
      Redness foundation is nice, but too dark for me.


  • 6/10/13 17:12 yelena:

    if the gel liner didn’t have shimmer I would be all over this~


  • 6/11/13 13:25 Kym:

    What Bobbi Brown said about the foundation stick on the Q. She said that _all_ her foundations were yellow based, because if it weren’t it would look like the foundation was just sitting on their face. Really?


    • 6/11/13 13:28 the Muse:

      i didn’t watch tbh…!


  • 6/13/13 19:34 Lauren:

    Sigh. I’ve been so good about not buying makeup lately and I’ve switched a bit from Bobbi to Chanel (which is juuuuust a little more expensive so I have to think a teeny bit harder about those purchases), but I kind of crazy love this set. 1) It’s all so pretty together! 2) I think it will work well on my super fair skin, black hair, and green eyes. 3) I think it really will work as a simple summer look by itself, with no other products (except brow pencil!). 4) Unbelievably, I don’t own a single one of those products! Goddamnit. :-) You’re killing me, Muse. I wouldn’t have even seen this set if I hadn’t been browsing around here.


    • 6/14/13 9:25 the Muse:

      lol lauren sorry girl ;-D have fun if you do buy!


  • 6/18/13 11:41 Lauren:

    So I ordered the set, obviously. :-) But, man, QVC takes forever, right? I ordered it 5 days ago and it’s still “in process.” I’m a big believer in anticipation, but this is killing me. I’ve never ordered from them before—are they usually kinda slow?


    • 6/18/13 11:43 the Muse:

      mm no they typically ship way fast for me! where are you located?


      • 6/18/13 17:47 Lauren:

        Pittsburgh! Which isn’t, you know, Anchorage or whatever. :-) But it isn’t hasn’t even gone out yet and it’s been 5 days. But only 3 business days; maybe that’s what’s making it seem so long? I mean, I realize this isn’t one of life’s more tragic problems; I just WANT it! I keep wanting to figure out what else I might want to use with the set (yes, the set that’s meant to stand alone!), but I’m trying to hold off, at least, until I get it. Patience, patience…


        • 6/19/13 9:07 the Muse:

          sorry lauren :( I’m sure it’ll be there soon! they prob used regular post to send. I hope it gets there soon!


  • 6/18/13 16:12 Coco:

    Did you go for it and order the kit Muse? I was really close to ordering b/c its an incredible value but didn’t because I remember that shimmer brick from the Rose Gold collection and I don’t recall being in love with it back then. I want that gel liner though!


    • 6/18/13 16:15 the Muse:

      no I already have wild rose so it was senseless to order another one :) I skipped.


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