Glam Glow BrightMud Eye Treatment Now Available

Glam Glow BrightMud Eye Treatment

Most wanted beauty item? Glam Glow BrightMud Eye Treatment please! Why? because Glam Glow BrightMud Eye Treatment promises to erase the signs of dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness.

Yes, please!

These 12 pack treatments work in as little as three minutes according to Glam Glow. What?! Say word!

Each capsule contains natural high bioactivity materials and bentonites absorb toxins which according to Glam Glow deliver high nutrients and minerals essential for brighter eyes.

Simply tap on and wipe off…wait what? Wipe off? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? I dunno but that’s what the instructions say! Hmm!

At $69, these little babies don’t come cheap!

Count me curious!

Now, mmm need to make room in my budget for super powered eye treatment!

Available now at Sephora and


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P.S. I think I just heard Nick Cannon admit to listening to Mariah’s music while he makes love to her and ahem, pleasures himself, only on Howard Stern would this come to the light. Ok, I think I heard it all now. CHECK PLEASE!

  • 6/18/13 20:08 Libby:

    I love the original Glam Glow masks. They definitely deliver but $69 for the eye ones? I definitely….am intrigued but I don’t think I’d be likely to spend that amount of money on them T___T



    • 6/19/13 9:07 the Muse:

      lol agreed! My head twisted to the radio and my mouth dropped when I heard that LOL!


  • 6/18/13 20:41 Icequeen81:

    If I had the budget would be nice and also cruelty free


  • 6/20/13 4:50 Angel:

    Man, that dude sure loves his wife LOL!

    I just spied these little buggers on Sephora earlier today. Gotta say MY jaw dropped at the price. I’m always looking for something to de-puff my serious bags, but $69?? Imma need some serious positive reviews first.

    I’ve turned into such an ingredient snob lately. Really, I need some justification for shelling out my hard earned bucks. And I don’t see anything listed in the ingredients that truly blew my mind. It said something about peppermint though, and that freaks me out a bit. Anything minty near my eyes makes them water like crazy.


    • 6/20/13 9:33 the Muse:

      LMAO! 😀 that’s what I thought! eep!


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