Good Enough to Eat?

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee
look deliciously yummie! I wanna lick one!

  • 6/11/13 11:13 Cj:

    So uhh hypothetically…. A friend… Of a friend of mine… Tasted it, he said he tastes a little sweet but not bad actually.


    • 6/11/13 11:20 the Muse:

      oh really…your friend is it? which friend is that? do I know him by any chance? have we met before?


      • 6/11/13 11:24 Cj:

        Nope he’s uhh… Brand new friend… Uhh his name is…. Submitreply… He’s European…


        • 6/11/13 11:28 the Muse:

          oooo he is is he? where did meet him? Where in Europe is he from? How long do you know him? Hmm?


          • 6/11/13 11:45 Cj:

            Oh lord uhh I met him…. On grindr… Lmao he’s in the uhh north… Part of Europe…. North Europe!

          • 6/11/13 11:46 the Muse:

            LMAO I think you outted yourself as spending time on grindr LOL *hugs you tight*

          • 6/11/13 11:51 Cj:

            ! I would never!! Ok I downloaded it once but it was full of really old probably married men. And middle schoolers. I’m not sure which was worse lol.

            Ok I admit it it was me. I tasted the gelee! In was curious ok gawsh ;( Also is it just me or does it feel kinda oily when you use it on your lips??

          • 6/11/13 12:09 the Muse:

            LOL….I’ve actually never tried it but had a friend who used it constantly and even had a hook up on it. ugh old married men, not good. I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwahaahahahaha ;-D I didn’t use it on my lips yet…so far I kinda like but hate it stains my fingers :-/

  • 6/12/13 10:32 Ruth:

    is it like the MAC gel blush in just bitten? i love that stuff!


    • 6/12/13 10:38 the Muse:

      no actually better!


      • 6/12/13 11:29 Ruth:

        how is it possible?!? *flails around with excitement*


        • 6/12/13 11:30 the Muse:

          they have less of a gel feel and a cool staining effect you’ll love them if you like stains!


          • 6/12/13 12:23 Ruth:

            I’m off this Friday and I think that I hear Sephora calling faintly, “come try me, i’m too pretty to stay in the store.”

          • 6/12/13 12:39 the Muse:

            yeah products whisper to me all the time so long as I don’t answer I guess that makes me sane!

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