Laura Geller CC Cream Compact at QVC

Laura Geller CC Cream Compact

CC Creams are heating up in the US at the moment and the new Laura Geller CC Cream Compact is the latest one to capture my attention. Laura did a BB Cream a few months ago that I’ve been meaning to test out but haven’t had a chance to as of yet and already she’s on to a CC Cream.

This beauty junkie can’t keep up!

Unlike traditional liquid CC Creams though Laura’s new CC Cream is a creamy compact.

Take a peek!

Laura Geller CC Cream Compact is a new anti-aging creme foundation that helps even out your skin tone and contains a peach swirl color corrector. The formula promises to be weightless with a conditioning feel and a built in SPF 25 ti protect skin against sun damage.

Peach is typically excellent to ease dullness however, it isn’t a suitable color correcting shade for skin tones across the board so unsure how this will work out for most.

I don’t really love cream compacts in all honesty, I feel like they are a little heavier on my skin but I’d like to check this out none the less and might consider an order.

What do you think of this nontraditional CC Cream?

It’s available now at

  • 6/28/13 7:53 Isis:

    I think I want, I love cream compacts,, damn Laura I had promised myself to cut down on my make up spending and was very well…until now,


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