MAC Heaux Lipstick Review & Swatches

MAC Heaux Lipstick Summer 2013

MAC Heaux Lipstick ($15) is one of three lipsticks launched with the Riri Hearts MAC Summer Collection. Riri Woo Lipstick makes an appearance in the collection as well so if you didn’t get it when it originally launched now is your chance!

Take a look!

I felt like Riri Wood was a shade that was a tad too clown-y for me so Heaux is the perfect warmer berry red. It’s a very rich deep berry with a matte finish. I’d highly suggest exfoliating prior and gloss on top for the best finish because on its own it is dry as the Sahara desert and tugs like a mofo during application. There is no nice way to put it. Damn…!

I thought Riri Woo was dry but that’s hydrating compared to this shade. It feels very dry on my lips and it looks very dry, not pretty. I think clear gloss on top is really what makes it pop but that does defeat the purpose of the matte finish. The color coverage is incredible as it has full opaque pay off.

MAC Heaux Lipstick

MAC Heaux Lipstick Swatches

The retro matte finish is pretty damn long wearing. I started my night with it on at 5pm yesterday and worked my way through dinner, a movie, and a meet up for tapas and drinks with friends and it wore completely well right through it all. I’d say I saw some fading at around hour six and when I did get home my lips were still stained red well after it wore away. Although dry and matte it actually doesn’t crack or flake and I didn’t feel TOO uncomfortable wearing it as the night progressed.

MAC Heaux Lipstick FOTD

Heaux is an incredible shade without a doubt. It brings drama to your makeup and is truly a beautiful shade. I’m Muse Approving it but I do warn you about the dry, tuggy application!

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer will launch June 18th at exclusively.



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  • 6/20/13 11:09 Mei:

    This is exactly what I was hoping riri woo would be like. This lipstick is beautiful and after seeing it worn I know I absolutely need to pick this one up!


    • 6/20/13 11:20 the Muse:

      same here mei! I had hoped riri woo was warmer and heaux takes care of that completely!


  • 6/20/13 11:14 Stephanie C.:

    I can’t wait for mine to come! I (for some reason unknown to me) waited for four hours on the MAC website the other day for my order to go through, and then found out it would be backordered. LOL. But it will be worth it- so pretty!


  • 6/20/13 11:46 Jody:

    I feel like I should be wearing a shirt that says ” I survived the riri mac online cluster $#%* order of 2013″.
    Mine arrive tomorrow.
    I like how it looks on you Muse! I wish it were berrier.


    • 6/20/13 11:47 the Muse:

      lmao jody! 😀 aw thanks chica…I think it’s fairly berry, could be my crummy pic 😀


      • 6/20/13 11:54 Jody:

        Nah, your pic isn’t crummy. I’m just in an uber berry mood.
        As I typed ” classy” in my first comment, I almost typed ” classy heaux”, but I didn’t want you to think I was calling you a heaux, lol. The name just makes me chuckle.


        • 6/20/13 11:56 Jody:

          Ok. Now I see that that was only in my head. I didn’t type that you looked classy in the lips, but i thought it. Omg. I so need more caffeine!


  • 6/20/13 14:14 Melissa:

    I swore I wouldn’t buy anything from any of the Rihanna collections. After experiencing Ruby Woo and seeing this swatched the other day, I had to have it. Can’t wait to get home tomorrow and try it on! It’s a great shade on you!


    • 6/20/13 14:41 the Muse:

      thanks melissa :) I hope you love it!


  • 6/20/13 20:25 Olivia:

    This was the only thing from her collection that interested me, but not worth buying for me!


  • 6/24/13 15:45 Flávia Francis Merlo:

    wow I just love it!!


  • 6/26/13 14:50 Cristina:

    Hi I just came across your site after doing a little search on Heaux. And I want to say that I ordered RiRi Woo last week during launch, but didn’t get the RiRi Boy or Heaux. It wasn’t until I saw my friend with it on (she’s a makeup artist) that I wanted to kick myself for not getting them. In any case, just thought I’d let everyone know (because RiRi Boy & Heaux are both sold out online) that they can sub Up the Amp (RiRi Boy) and Diva (Heaux). My friend told me they were suitable and the closest subs available…I just ordered them today, so I can follow up on how they look once I receive…I also wasn’t going to buy RiRi anything until I saw my friend with these lipsticks and realize they look fantastic. RiRi Woo is sitting at my house as I type and I cannot wait to go home and try it on. I also ordered the Prep+Prime Lip (since my friend told me it will keep my lips from looking like I lived in the Sahara Desert)…Thought I’d pass along the tip! I love my MAC lipsticks.


    • 6/28/13 9:24 the Muse:

      hi cristina thanks for sharing the deets :)


  • 10/5/13 14:18 Cindy:

    Hey! The closest dupe for Heaux that I could find is NYX Lipstick Matte in “Merlot”. Such a great dupe! :)


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